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This is the Active Rain version of my blogs regarding wholesaling Real Estate for Realtors®. Located at TenMinuteSkill.com and HouseFlippingAgent.com
 Mad Men "The Carousel" A&E In this episode, Don Draper illustrates the value of adding "Nostalgia" in the sales process.  It is critical for those of us in the sales business to recognize that there are other things involved in the process aside from the tactical and strategic day to day aspects...
  Trulia Zillow and Realtor.com       Related Story: Zillow and Trulia To Merge Next Year USA Today   Finally, after much speculation and rumor, the boards of Zillow and Trulia respectively have decided to join forces and merge next year. On a $3.5 Billion stock deal, Zillow has purchased Trulia ...
 "What do I tell him?" The question came to me from a long time friend on Facebook. His query was about what to tell a friend who had recently sent out thousands upon thousands of mailers with no results. What to tell someone indeed! It hurts when you send out mailers like that, with no return. W...
Courtesy of Shutterstock   When you are a newer agent, I recognize just how hard it is to get started!  Believe me!  So many choices, tips, tricks and methods to get business.  Where do you begin?   Well, at my podcast The Red Pill Investor, I have had the occasion to talk about the topic of For...
  Advertising, as taught by Don Draper "Whatever you are doing, it's ok...YOU, are okay..."  When I decided to add wholesaling to my business, the immediate problem was that I did not have enough leads.   Trying to find a homeowner who would need my services as an Investor wasn't exactly a "Realt...
  "The Red Pill Condensed"  Video Montage of The Matrix   In the following few blog posts,  I will attempt to lay out a systematic way to assign real estate contracts (AKA “Wholesaling”) real estate for profit. I believe that if you are a Realtor® or an Investor and you choose to add assignment o...
In the Red Pill Sales System, I outline a systematic approach for Realtors® and Investors to perform lead follow-up. Lead follow-up is an essential portion of the sales process. Since approximately 70% of your appointments will come from lead follow-up, therefore it is important to maintain a hig...
  Zig Ziglar "I Really HATE My Job!"   Has there ever been a time where you hated your job? I mean you literally hated it? Even the thought of going into work just sickened your stomach? No matter what your position in the real estate industry, Realtor® or Investor, you will come across times in ...
 "Good Advice/Bad Advice" The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon   In 18 years that I've been in this business, I have discovered the "Main Problem". The main problem is you get tons of advice when you are new, but you do not always get good advice. The primary challenge when you are new, is how do ...
After 18 years in this business, I thought I had seen everything! Until I met “Wholesalers". If you've never met them, or know much about them, then there are 10 things that you need to know about this demographic to make money in this market today!Tip #1 – Wholesaling is legal in every state.Whi...

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