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This is the Active Rain version of my blogs regarding wholesaling Real Estate for Realtors®. Located at TenMinuteSkill.com and HouseFlippingAgent.com
Before creating TenMinuteSkill, I was a big believer in the Mike Ferry Sales System! So much so, that I would teach classes on how to implement portions of his sales system for our company.  I was recently reminded from a listener from our podcast on The Red Pill Investor, of several videos that ...
In my life prior to real estate, I was a Corpsman, In the hospital, whenever a patient was in respiratory or cardiac arrest, they would have a "code blue”. When that would happen, as in any hospital where this happens, all of the necessary personnel rush to the scene to save the person's life. In...
If you are a newer agent, picking a real estate company to work for can be a challenging, confusing, and often times a harrowing decision! I remember when I was a brand new agent in Charleston South Carolina. My first brokerage was a little company called Agent Owned Realty. My broker, was a nice...
I don't know about you, but I love, love, love podcasts!  If you haven't actually had a chance to listen to one, then you really ought to consider taking the time to listen!  One of my favorites (next to mine The Red Pill Investor ) would have to be Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas. I cre...
It is no doubt, that the American public has been transfixed by our profession.  The Art of Sales.  What is missing however in most media is a "reality check" of sorts that can instruct, inspire, or otherwise aid the Wholesaling Realtor®. In the following selections from YouTube, I have chosen tw...
One of the most terrifying things that one can experience in the homebuying process is making the proverbial "mistake".  You know the one, the "money pit", the "overpriced home", and others.  One of the biggest things that stops people from being successful in Real Estate Investing or buying hom...
The National Association of Realtors® has a Code of Ethics that all members pledge themselves to in order to practice as a Realtor®.  Since not all real estate agents are Realtors®, it is important to understand how we as Realtors® can use the code of ethics to our advantage, in the marketplace ...
I'm not sure if you have ever thought of this, but let me do a quick "Mind-Check" with you.  Are you getting the absolute most out of every opportunity you have in your real estate business?  When you call that For Sale By Owner, looking to see if you can list it, and realize that they need to s...
I have to admit, even in my "Mike Ferry-ite" trained brain, it is becoming even more obvious to me that we are living in strange times.  Social media's impact on businessess (even other than ours) is hard to ignore.  We live in a world where it is entirely possible for one man, with access to the...
Hallelujah!  It's about time someone said it other than me! What?? You bet.  I believe they are 100% right.  The State of Ohio and the Real Estate Commission there finally had the gumption to say what needed to be said.  We have people who go through the process of getting a license for a reason...

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