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Formerly with Pacific Auction Exchange until the owner's untimely passing, I have since reorganized my life and am presently writing grants for clients and occasionally providing management consulting services as the opportunities for either arise.
Hello everyone.  I just wanted you all to know that I have left Pacific Auction Exchange as an employee and presently serve on an ad hoc consulting basis.  I have transitioned back to being a self-employed consultant full time working trough San Joaquin Bookkeeping & Tax Services.  San Joaquin ha...
Another winner as far as timely advice!  The economy is probably forcing all of us to stay a little closer to home than we would like this year.  Even so, many of us still need to take those summertime trips to Lord know where.  Here's som frindly advice to help Uncle Sam take a little of that bi...
We all probably sit down at tax time wondering what can or shouldbe deducted for our home office.  Preparing my own taxes sometimes leaves me sweating bullets.  Home office tax deductions are one of the most scrutinized in any audit.  There are some concise explanations here (
While surfing the web I stumbled across this nice little set of user-freindly calculators that people interested in buying a home may find useful for quick and dirty calculations and budgeting decisions ( There are plenty of places to find items like this,...
Pacific Auction Exchange's online auction am has dropped the cost for listing properties.  You can list for no fee up front.  The only fee is paid out of escro and is $750 and is paid only if the property sells through EPAX.  Please consider this and partnering with one of our ...
Some of you may be aware that we lost or CEO and co-Founder early in May in a car accident.  Things were touch and go for a while, yet the company has overcome the difficulties through strong company culture and support from the community. and have been rejuvina...
I found something that may be useful for some of you.  The following link has multiple calculators including one for 1031 Exchanges.  It's always a benefit to have tolls like this when dealing with investors, sells, agents or anyone who may be impacted by li...
Well, an internal one anyway.  We just broke 50 listings today for the first time.  Next thing you know, three digits.  We expect this right about the end of March 08.  Bidders are signing up right and left.  If you haven't done so already, take a minute to register and be able to watch auction p...
We've rolled out another in a series of new features yesterday.  The 'Buy Out' feature is for our online real estate auctions on  You can see the specific pilot example here (
You may be familiar with the tired scammers listing and bidding on Ebay listed real estate.  This fact is common knowledge.  One of the problems with such sites is the lack of professionalism and support from a licensed professional.  A lack of specialty has also attracted many unqualified bidder...

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