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Formerly with Pacific Auction Exchange until the owner's untimely passing, I have since reorganized my life and am presently writing grants for clients and occasionally providing management consulting services as the opportunities for either arise.
Sometimes I get depressed too easily.  When I read through the gloom and doom in the real estate market I can't help it. there are a lot of people with bloody noses right now.  I hunted up an article that actually can speak positively to a limited degree not about the present, but the future and ...
The Associated Press out of Washington reported on the 24th that the volume of applications for mortgages increased.  The funny thing is that actual purchases fell.  I guess a lot of folks were declined, which wouldn't suprise me under the circumstances. **************** Mortgage application volu...
I wanted to share this with you all regarding auctions and their growing popularity domesticly. Some of this is due to the market and people running into trouble.  This is not always the case as not all real estate is ideal for sale at auction.******************************************For Immedia...
With less than 24 hours remaining until Halloween, I'm curious if anyone out there has seen any Christmas Advertising yet?  If not, prepare yourself.  If last year was any benchmark you may not even notice Thanksgiving this year. November 1 at midnight will be like the beaches of Normandie with a...
A post by another Rainer today referencing the potential for $100/barrel oil got me thinking about all electric vehicles.  They're still expensive, but there are some good ideas out there and a lot of top end research going on.  While the following product may be out of most of our price ranges i...
At this time last year we were all relishing in getting up an hour later.  Since the Congress, along with most of the rest of planet Earth, decided last year that Daylight Savings Time should be adjusted we may all be feeling just a little amiss today.  Why we may not know, but a lifetime of cond...
I just can't seem to get started today.  Since it's 4pm Pacific that can only mean that I'm looking at a, not all together wasted, but certainly minimally productive day.  How do you folks fight the doldrums associated with an overcast Monday which feels like it should have been taken off complet...
Monday has actually been off to a good start.  One of our listing agents was having trouble getting any intrest on a parcel of vacant land outside his traditional service area.  I was lucky enough to know someone in that specific desert community who is a general contractor that regularly builds ...
Depending on when your weekend actually begins, if ever, are you the type of person that leaves the last week to itself and chooses not to worry about Monday until Monday? Or, do you meticulously plan or have a day plan worked out on the last day of each week?I've been on both sides of the equati...
With the CAN SPAM Act and seemingly draconian measures against electronic advertising I suspect that the returns for prospecting in this fashion may be rapidly deminishing for raw email solisitations.  Instead, the focus has shifted to optimization of one's web presence for search engines and coo...

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