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Formerly with Pacific Auction Exchange until the owner's untimely passing, I have since reorganized my life and am presently writing grants for clients and occasionally providing management consulting services as the opportunities for either arise.
I'm looking for a particular post today 10/24/07 and have tried Rain's search feature.  The post was on how search engine spiders see your site.  My internet connection got cut before I could follow link or bookmark the site and I was really interested.  Any help from you folks out there in helpi...
Hard money loans seem to have fallen off the radar, when a couple years ago it seemes you could ask a vagrant and they could tell you all about the subject.  If you can find a lender, hard money may yet remain a viable solution for investors looking to get into a property quickly with an eye to r...
One of the biggest problems one accepts when going into a higher end sales/service business is being on call 24/7 (seemingly).  What are some of the tips one might share in coaching a beginner agent with the view of maximizing quality family time, managing obligations and personal commitments?I h...
Many new listings for our company are coming from REO and institutional real estate holders.  There is enough business out there for all of us; therefore, if you don't know an REO manager now is the time to network and get to know one.  A problem we all still face, however, is finding the buyer.D...
For brokers and agents in regions tagged as commuter or bedroom communities you will more than likely run into potential buyers moving into the area frequently.  Part of specializing in this buyer almost necessitates smaller offices obtaining a toll free number and touting the fact/proposition th...
What is missing (I'm certain everone else has their own thoughts on this) from the mix of today's buyers is a sense of urgency that was present during the boom.  The source of urgency before was the fear of missing out on the wave.  You had to beat back buyers with a stick.  Now many Realtors are...
I can from a 'rough-and-tumble' background and was raised by a Navy Veteran whom I care for deeply.  So, what habit am I talking about...swearing.  Being a Christian, you'd think it would be easier to lick it, but it's a real struggle to do when it's so casually done and you live in a world where...
Hello everyone in Rainland.  If you lived in the southern San Joauquin Valley you'd probably be aware of the weather concerns in relation to commuting back and forth to LA and the desert communities during the fall and winter months.  For those who don't, late night or early morning trips over th...
I'd like to get some anticdotal experience regarding realty trac from the listing side, or maybe even the buying side, as we are considering utilizing it in some capacity.  One of the benefits of belonging to a community like this is the collective knowledge represented between us.  So, if any of...
As a newby to this community it is fun to see that when there is motion in one account others who are marginally engaged in the process seem to liven up and chase in a few instances.  It think this is the point of the system  I remember seeing an interview regarding Active Rain one or two years b...

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