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Formerly with Pacific Auction Exchange until the owner's untimely passing, I have since reorganized my life and am presently writing grants for clients and occasionally providing management consulting services as the opportunities for either arise.
The short answer is no.  Though a few franchisees do in a live formate we stick to real estate, which is what we  do best.  Our marketing plan is focused to target those who can close in 30 days.  In the even one may need financing Home Equity Lines of Credit for a primary residence can be useful...
The franchise is a franchise license to perform auctions utilizing the franchise system.  A master franchise is a license to develop franchises in a predefined protected territory and make overrides on revenue generated within that region or territory. This is a prefered mechanism for expanding i...
Not suprisingly, attorneys needing to dispose of the real estate portion of an estate can close out these assets at current market value.  Depending upon an attorny office's volume an ePAX listing agreement for 12 months bay be the ticket.  To take advantage of a live auction you'd need to contac...
As I've been poking around the various members' home pages I've seen a few selling condos, multi-unit developments and in more than one instance, spec developer properties sitting in inventory.  While I realize there are auction companies that specialize in nationwide auctions they typically do i...
One way to list on ePAX which is cost effective and the least hassle is available to real estate brokers.  We have an auction agreement available for 12 month periods and there are no furthur fees during that time frame other than a $350 charge paid through escrow to Pacific Auction Exchange, Inc...
Got another request for information.  Yes, we are seeking people interested in having an auction franchise.  There is a qualification process that starts on the site and if you provide information on the appropriate form located on the site then someone can go in depth with you to ...
I've been asked offline a few times if an agent or broker can get a cut on commissions for representing a buyer and the answer is yes.  With the auction method the buyer pays a 10% buyers premium with commission sharing coming out of that amount.  Brokers can sign a listing contract and for a nom...
We've recently rolled out Pacific Auction Exchange, Inc's ePAX website and have had early success with 11 properties sold in Wasco, California.  After marketing and generating interest on ePAX they sold for market values right at market value for the area.  We're off to a great start and these pr...

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