A Guide to the Pennsylvania Mortgage Market

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A Guide to the Pennsylvania Mortgage Market



One of the mortgage underwriting conditions that homebuyers tend to find most annoying is the request to source a large deposit that appears in their bank statement.  Payroll deposits and transfers from other verified accounts will not be questioned, however, miscellaneous deposits that appear i...
  FHA appraisals are known to be pickier than appraisals for Conventional loans.  The FHA requires that a property meet minimum property guidelines in order to consider a property acceptable for FHA financing.  The home buying process can be made smoother if the home is properly prepared for an F...
Recently the USDA has annouced that there will be an increase to their Annual Fee.  This marks the second increase in the three year history of this fee.  Currently the annual fee stands at .40% of the mortgage balance.  Effective October 1st 2014, the annual fee will increase to .50% of the mort...
VA Mortgages in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country have certain limits on what types of closing costs can be charged to the Veteran and what fees can not be charged to the Veteran. The VA imposes these closing cost guidelines in the interest of protecting the Veteran and assuring that the V...
Collections on a credit report always have the potential to cause problems when applying for a FHA mortgage.   Technically, FHA does not require that collections be paid off as part of a mortgage approval but if the total balance of the collection accounts is $2000 or higher these collections wil...

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