A Guide to the Pennsylvania Mortgage Market

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A Guide to the Pennsylvania Mortgage Market



Looking to buy a home in Franklin County, Pennsylvania? You might want to make a quick check to see if you and the property are eligible for a Pennsylvania USDA Mortgage, also known as a Pennsylvania USDA Rural Development Loan. Here's Why...  USDA home loans offer a few benefits that other mortg...
Can I obtain an FHA mortgage if there is a Judgment out there against me? Yes, per FHA guidelines, you can qualify for a mortgage if you have a judgment in place against you but it will depend on whether you are actively making payments towards the judgment or not. If you are planning on buying a...
  Qualifying for a Mortgage After a Bankruptcy How soon can you get approved for a mortgage after a Bankruptcy? Sometimes life throws a curveball and bankruptcies happen. You can qualify for a mortgage to buy a house or refinance your current mortgage after a bankruptcy.  How soon this can happen...
 One of the keys to qualifying for a mortgage after a bankruptcy is re-establishing credit. Obviously the credit rating takes a huge hit immediately after a bankruptcy.  This is expected.  How long the credit remains damaged depends a lot on how successfully and how quickly you are able to re-est...
 When shopping for a house you will sometimes see a home described with the following phrases “Needs TLC” or “Handy Man’s Special” or “Lots of Potential.”   Buyers often avoid these properties because they are cautioned that obtaining a mortgage for a property that needs a lot of repair or renova...
Is it possible to buy a home again after a short sale?   Of course it is. With qualifying credit and the passage of time you certainly buy a home again after a short sale.   The amount of time that needs to pass depends on the circumstances of the short sale.  Just to get the quick definition out...

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