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In Miami-Dade County, pending home sales decreased by 2.21 percent in December compared to the previous month, from 8,288 to 8,105 according to the Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) and Southeast Florida Multiple Listing Service.  This slight decrease can be attributed t...
Recently, in the newsmedia there has been a lot of talk about the increase in sales of homes nationwide which also led to the bump in stock market in the runup to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I'd like to take this opportunity to put a bit of local perspective on this latest sales trend: 75% of the h...
The Obama administration has finally decided to crack down on loan servicers and mortgage companies that are failing to do enough to help borrowers at risk of foreclosure. Measures announced this week include sanctions and fines on those lenders and mortgage companies failing to ease the burden o...
I've been asked so many times over the past several months if there are any advantages to succesfully accomplishing a "Short" sale versus just letting the Foreclosure process run its course. So I've decided to write this post highlighting the major differences between a Short Sale and a Foreclosu...
South Beach single family homes (especially waterfront luxury properties) that are truly good deals continue to be in short supply. I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight two recently sold homes in the island communities off South Beach which are indicative of a price bottoming trend: Di ...
Without a doubt it can be said that we are in a buyer's market, but does that mean it is easy to get a great deal when buying properties in Miami Beach? Not so! Unfortunately, there are agents who lack negotiation skills and with sloppy works make it difficult to complete a sales transaction. Al...
Miami Beach waterfront homes and luxury properties are limited in supply, and with most major financial news experts announcing a “housing bottom”, I’d like to take the opportunity to show how two recent sales in Venetian Islands and Biscayne Island of Miami Beach indicate the conclusion. Turnkey...
Headlines about the overall national real estate market reaching a “housing bottom” are starting to become more common. What does this mean in practical terms if you are potential seller (or buyer)? The housing market is based on local conditions…and in the Greater Miami and Miami Beach area, it’...
  Over the past few months, My team and I worked hard to bring our clients, online visitors, buyers, and sellers an updated user-friendly site. TheKleerTeam.Com has been updated to be the most adavance, comprehensive, and informational online real estate resource site for Miami Beach. The new Mia...
  Luxury two story Mediterranean home with spectacular waterfront view is a charm on North Bay Road of Miami Beach. An expansive home with a living area of 8,585 sq.ft., this luxury home offers large open spaces, high ceilings, all rooms oversized with bay views from most areas. This is a gated M...

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