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Next week most places around the country are trying their first phase at reopening society. Our Highlands Ranch property management office will remain closed to the public and largely distributed to working online for at least another 2-3 weeks. It may be inviting to want to rejoin a normal lifes...
Most people have been pretty used to their quarantine routine by now, and most people have become increasingly creative with how to fill the time for their little ones. We have many families in our Highlands Ranch property management portfolio who have shared some of the tips that have helped kee...
Since we are all bunkered down for the remainder of the month, with a large question mark looming over May, it seems appropriate to figure out how to fill the time this April. Many people working from home are in their 4th week of quarantine and should have a handle on the daily life by now. If y...
Virtual happy hours and long form conversations dominate our free nights. Lucky for us, Highlands Ranch property management can take a breath between the hours of 8pm to 11pm each night, which allow us to conduct many video calls with family and friends who we might not have conversed with as fre...
As we continue to adjust to a lifestyle that has no current end date, many people are beginning to feel somewhat helpless. We want to pass on to anyone who is not adversely affected by COVID-19 a few tips to help out without leaving the house. First, it is brutal that many of our fellow Americans...
Just because you are social distancing does not mean you are unable to stay social. You should not be hosting a dinner party, and you can’t get a cup of coffee with a friend since the coffee shops are not open, but luckily being social has evolved thanks to technology. We have been conducting all...
Many people are finding social distancing mentally and emotionally draining, especially as we head into week 3 with no immediate end in sight. It is crucial to practice self-care during this time. Since we have not been going to our Highlands Ranch property management office, we have had to inven...
Many teams are working online and beginning week 2 of their work from home schedules. Some companies are on week 3 and comfortably getting into the routine. Our Highlands Ranch property management office is closed physically, but we have not stopped working one day since the stay in place order. ...
As many of our followers probably know, we do a lot of reporting on various local events that happen each week. Our Highlands Ranch property management blog is mostly events happening in the various neighborhoods we work in. Now with social life on shutdown, events canceled and gatherings of more...
In these truly unprecedented times where COVID-19 has mandated we all stay home and continue our work virtually, there are a few tips you can follow to make the most of the new situation. Our Highlands Ranch property management building has not closed yet, but we seem to be the last ones in the b...

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