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In my humble opinion,there is nothing more awe inspiring than a magical sunrise or sunset. Just as the sun begins to fall and the world seems to get quieter, do I really have a sense of God's creation. Many times from the exact same vantage point, no two are the same. One of my all time favorite ...
Foreclosures are plentiful everywhere and our area in Northern Indiana is no exception. I love working with certain Realtors that handle a lot of foreclosures. They understand how to market these homes and what it takes to get a transaction to the closing table.  As for the others that occasional...
While the economic climate has been challenging at best the last 3 years, it would be very easy to think of the negatives and what did not always go as planned. But as this Thanksgiving holiday approachs, it gives pause to reflect on all the blessings in my life and to reflect on the many things ...
    After reaching the lowest levels in decades, mortgage rates have shot higher over the past two weeks. There is not a simple explanation for why this happened, but looking at the many factors which are influencing mortgage rates right now will help to understand what's going on. In short, when...
         I just had a  40 yr. old married couple drop by the office for a preapproval. I made introductions and   invited them back to my office. At first I noticed a slight odor but tried to dismiss it. The moment we entered my office and closed the door, it hit me. This was not a slight odor, t...
Gerry Suarez, posted this article yesterday. Great news for buyers using USDA LoansThe USDA issued a memo yesterday, May 26, 2010, reauthorizing the issuance of conditional commitments for USDA loans. What that means is that your better lenders (the ones that usually close USDA loans while funds ...
It is a brand new world when it comes to securing a home loan. So when you begin the process, be prepared to get documents that you may think are silly,exercise patience you didn't know you had. But to simply ignore these changes because you have purchased several properties in the past, will le...
  With everyone watching the countdown to the expiration of the USDA Section 502 funds, a glimmer of hope appeared today Not one but two House Bills were introduced on the floor of the house today in hopes of keeping this program from fund depletion. Hopefully they can speed this legislation thro...
The run of securing funds for USDA Section 502 loans has been a little slower than initially anticipated. Below is a snapshot of a bulletin that I received this week from one of our Investors. They have been tracking this as closely as anyone and their best guesstimate at this toime is that USDA ...
The USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan Program is the most under utilized mortgage loan product out there in my opinion. While the name may indicate "farm or farmland" to a lot of people. It is primarily  intended for single family one unit homes located in smaller communities. Genera...

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