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This week I have the privilege of showing first time home buyers. They are adorable little love birds ready for their nest. I am happy to be a part of their relationship -- their Realtor!What do I tell first time home buyers on a budget in February 2017 in North Central Texas besides, "Be Mine?!"...
THANKS to Mary Benton, Broker, in Lubbock TX for helping me today...Sometimes you just can't get everything you need when you are a Realtor member in another MLS area. Mary took my call from D/FW area this morning, took time from her busy day - she was entering a new listing at the moment - and q...
"Everyone knows we're a caffeinated bunch!"Do you want a special treat? Do you really want a special treat?! My friend, Elaine Krazer, is promoting her coffee blends at Central Market locations across Texas for Coffee Week this week!Please share this post with your Texas foodie and coffee loving ...
BEING A REALTOR + LOVING IT means checking out real estate and development almost everywhere I visit and see on video. When it's a natural, organic interest, you can never tire of it. Then there is the interest in art and architecture. And the desperate want for better traffic flow!So... This cau...
Successful real estate brokerages rely heavily on relationships. referrals and reciprocity. We, as Realtors, do our very best to generate leads, earn the consumer's trust, work diligently to turn buyers and sellers into clients, and, when served well, past clients are a trusted source of repeat b...
Have you ever written a post and left it in the blog draft area? For over a year?THIS.Tomorrow my 8 year old (Note: Now she is 10! Blog got lost!) princess will be a 9 year old young lady. She is pure joy. She is full in spirit, makes good grades, makes good choices, she has an adorable freckle-f...
Here are TEN THINGS that require no talent. 1. Being on time2. Having a good attitude3. Being curious4. Having a good work ethic5. Neatness6. Manners7. Friendliness8. Honesty9. Loyalty10. Being nice What would you add to this list?
My Landlord Experience: An Anti-Horror Story in DFW, Part TwoContinued from yesterday... HORROR is not my story. I really enjoy investing in real estate.Sure, I've had tenants unable to pay rent. I've had tenants move on. I've moved tenants on. But the truth is, I have always made a nice product ...
My tenants are perfect. Well, not exactly. There are a ton of horror stories out there about landlording, and I have experienced some whoppers, that's for sure! As many have said it, property management, investing in real estate and landlording is not for the faint of heart. It's true. It's not. ...
 My Dad.Worth his weight in gold.Worth a million houses sold.Like a Tim McGraw rhythm and rhyme.Always Humble and Kind.

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I love coffee & real estate. I am out of coffee!
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