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Snapshot of the Sales in Keller TX in the last 30 days. Quick Statistics (82 Listings Total)  List PriceMinimum $80,000 Maximum $1,300,000 Median $394,950 Average number of days on market is 36 To search homes in Keller, TX click here!
Trophy Club: I love TC.Click here for a list of homes listed in Trophy Club It's a beautiful town built around a golf course located in Denton County between Dallas and North Fort Worth. It boasts Northwest ISD campuses like Byron Nelson High School (among others) and has a variety of adult and f...
This week as I wrap up another flip house, I am reminded of how inexpensive energy efficiencies really are. My window package alone barely broke a grand. Granted, this is a very small house. But that's sort of the point. Even old, affordable, small houses can be efficient. What can you do to see ...
So...I was sure my kids hated me at first. The evil one who made them pack their toys. The meanie who made them box up unnecessary items. Heartless... making them remove old posters. They were frustrated...Then we framed a few favorite pieces of art they made in school. We made a new piece at hom...
Houses. That's what we do. That's what we know. It's what we sell. It's what we value. It's how we make a living. It's our area of expertise. Residential real estate is our little place in the world.I admit it. I am in love with my house. Shouldn't we be? And taking care of it is a healthy part o...
I. LOVE. KELLER. TEXAS.Here are my favorites:Bear Creek Park and the connecting trails   {And all the neighborhood parks in between}The Keller Pointe KYA & KSA & all the youth sports opportunities.OUR SCHOOLS! Especially Willis Lane Elementary.Our LibraryBronson Rock (for adult time, the live mus...
If I've read it once I've read it a thousand times, "When listing a house for sale, take your yappy thangy with you. Or board them. Or just go ahead and rehome them... You want to sell the house, right?!" BUT I LOVE DOGS!  DOG > HOUSE So I want to share something with my fellow fur friendly frien...
It's a rule, right? That when you go on vacation, that's when the phone rings with the most important business? I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only member of this club! I know I'm not...I have two listings right now, personally. Thankfully, my agents are way more active that I am... One ...
I try.I try to educate my kids.Sometimes it's me who gets the education.And always this beautiful, innocent little perspective.I asked my 10 year old what Memorial Day is.She got a little tongue-tied and giggly at first.And then she let her little light shine...."Brooke, what's Memorial Day?""You...
 There are two posts right now that have me giggling, sighing and then pondering. One I nicknamed BUTTHURT by Kathleen Daniels and the other is HEARTBROKEN by Brenda Mullen. Read them both, the comments and relate! How many of you IMMEDIATELY remembered those "friends" who chose not to use you fo...

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