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Hi, I'm Kristen Crabtree and welcome to my blog. Real estate is my passion - before this was my profession, I would drive my friends around different neighborhoods looking at homes. I started my real estate career in 2006 when the market began to plummet, so I've always had to work hard for my clients. I live and work in California's beautiful Central Coast where I specialize in ocean view, ocean front, and acreage properties and also in REOs. I am also very interested in Social Media and marketing and helping bring this technology to the life through real estate.
While I'm not a mortgage broker or lender, I still have many clients who ask me these questions as well. This post helps explain not only that the young and the old CAN get loans but also why they would want to.I have on a number of occasions done mortgages for very young Borrowers, and Borrowers...
        The Credit Score.  What is in a credit score?  There are five main influences or factors in your credit score.  They are not all equally important.  Some have a stronger weight in the overall score, because they are more important than the others. The credit score can range from 200 to 80...
These are universally beneficial tips for getting all your ducks in a row before putting your house on the market. One thing to note is that in SLO County, home inspections are usually paid for by the buyer, so if you get it done in advance you, the seller, will be paying for it (approximately $4...
Home for Sale in Arroyo Grande! 757 Vetter Lane Home for Sale in Arroyo Grande! 757 Vetter Lane
Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved: What's the Difference?  While some people use the terms interchangeably, there is a difference between being pre-qualified and getting pre-approved. Getting pre-qualified just means that you have told a lender your income level and your debt and credit information,...
So you've decided you want to become a homeowner...but you don't know the steps you need to take. I've covered some of these steps in previous blogs, but it's also helpful to look at the mistakes to avoid. Here's a checklist of 10 things to avoid doing during your house hunting: 1. Not checking y...
Staging is such an important part of selling a home. And the bathroom is often overlooked. This blog gives good examples of how to properly stage the bathroom.EAST BAY Home Staging ~~  2011 Bathroom Rooms In 2011 Bathrooms were a KEY to showcasing homes!  Part of any home staging which we do at S...
I am getting so frustrated with the lenders I've been referring business to. I usually give my clients a list of a few, if they don't have one, but lately they've all been disappointing me in some way. Some of them are too conservative on their programs and too demanding on their criteria. Others...

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