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GRATITUDE: (4) I'm grateful for our home!Home can mean many things.  For some it is a town; a place where they grew up.  It can mean a feeling; like being with your family.  It almost always means a safe place; a place where you can be yourself.  We have lived in our home on Guijarro (gwiharro) D...
GRATITUDE (3):  Penne Fuertges, my MomWhen it comes to parents, I won the lottery.  People ask me all the time, how do you do all the things you do? The answer is easy, my parents excelled in everything they did.  Between the two of them, their interests, talents, and hobbies were many and divers...
GRATITUDE (2):  CANCER FREELast spring I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a gut punch.  I felt fine, no lumps, no indication that I had anything wrong.  The digital mammogram may have saved my life. One year ago today I had my double-mastectomy surgery.  I was very lucky that I did not ha...
Gratitude:  Friends for LifeMany of you know that I'm a golfer, and have played my whole life.  After college I came west to play on the mini-tour. Over the course of 6-7 years I met and played golf with many wonderful women.  We travelled together, practiced, competed against each other, and che...
Speechless Sunday:  Gratitude !We really are so truly blessed to live in this country, to be able to live and work in a beautiful place.  I raised a glass last night to to be thankful.  I never take it for granted! ❤️Photo by Kschowe from our back porch in La Quinta, CA.  #LQCC
Do ART and REAL ESTATE mix?Can art sell your listing? Over the past several years I have done many home portraits.  Some for closing gifts, others commissioned, some just for fun.  I did a collection of mid-century modern Palm Springs front doors as a fun project.  Some of the home portraits that...
#TheyDrawtober2023  October art challenge!Many of you know that I have many passions, and one of them is ART!  I discovered in the last few years that there are numerous #drawingchallenges on Instagram.  When I am looking for inspiration or a challenge- I sort through them and latch on to  a week...
Motivational Monday:  My Blogging BuddyMany of you know we have 3, (count em' 3!) cats at Casa Schowe.  I am partial to the Siamese breed and when I adopt, I look for Siamese mix kitties.  They are harder to find, but they are my idea of the perfect cat!  ( Ever since I saw the 1964 version of Th...
Birdtober Drawing Challenge!I have embarked on my second year of an Instagram drawing challenge called Birdtober 2023.  It is hosted by a Dallas based artist named Andrea Holmes, and it has captured my October creative bug.  I also love birds!   Each day of October a different bird is featured.  ...
This post is an entry into the October challenge hosted by Leanne Smith  and Endre Barath, Jr. You would have to be living under an ActiveRain rock not to have read a blog by Jeff Dowler.  He has been writing, advising, and setting an example for us for 17 years... and has compiled almost 5 MILLI...

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