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Is HALLOWEEN just for KIDS ??? Seems like in years past we were invited to some pretty cool Halloween parties.... for grownups! Seems like we used to have people come by for a treat and stay for a glass of wine. Even tho we don't have little ones--- we used to have a pretty good time on Hallowee...
  Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking... into the future!  Just a reminder... don't forget to set your clocks BACK one hour tonight (Sunday November 1st) at 2:00am local standard time.  And, don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarms! DID YOU KNOW... Benjamin Franklin first sugg...
As a member and homeowner in the La Quinta Country Club community we have waited over 3 years for the opening of our new Clubhouse-- Our old Clubhouse had been damaged by earthquake activity-- and we have been making do in temp facilites for a long time! Tents, trailers, mobile pods... you name i...
I used to be a music fanatic--- and spent so much time downloading and burning and uploading to my ipod-- now I have become a social media and marketing nut- and spend alot more time working on my site-- livethedesertlife.com and keeping current with new and interesting stuff on the web! I found...
  How To Find Good Deals As The Buyers Market Comes To An End At some point in their lives, every home buyer in America has wondered "Is now the best time to buy a home?" In this 3-minute video, NBC's The Today Show does a good job of answering the question. The conclusion? Yes, but not if you're...
I read a post from Shirley Parks about the top costumes for Halloween this year--- I must be out of touch, because I did'nt recognize most of them.... When I was a kid-- I picked the costume I could run the fastest in! That way I could cover more ground and come home with the MAX candy! I did'nt...
I have been working to get noticed online-- blogging, facebook, twitter, activerain, etc... I also have a Point2 web=site-- schoweproperties.com, to promote my listings and real estate services.  But where I am having my real fun is my secondary site-- livethedesertlife.com..... This site is for ...
  Mountains may shelter the Coachella Valley from undesirable weather patterns that affect those beyond the desert, but could protect us from the economy. Despite its resort lifestyle, the desert has felt the pain of the past 18 months. However, vast resources also put the valley on the cutting e...
        It’s happening. Bit by bit, little by little, new life is being breathed into the California real estate market. On Monday, October 26, the California Association of Realtors posted its sales and price report for the month of September, and it held some very, very encouraging news.   For ...
If you are embracing the new social media and implementing all the new apps into your business-- you must be willing to LEARN NEW THINGS!  Everytime I try to link my facebook to my twitter, or upload a podcast to my website, or embed a youtube video into my blog-- I have to LEARN how to do it-- a...

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