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Welcome to Southwood Venice FL - Southwood is maintenance free and is divided into 3 gated and 4 ungated communities, adjacent to 2 golf courses- Venice East Golf Assn and  Plantation Golf & Country Club. Southwood Venice FL is a wonderful place to live.   3 gated communities:  1. Sweetwater Vill...
What is My House's Value?  Value is in the Eye of the Beholder...  Who is the beholder? The beholder is yourself/seller, buyer, lender, appraiser and the tax assessor. Your House As Seen by: Yourself the Seller   Your Buyer   Your Lender   Your Appraiser   and the Tax Assessor                    ...
What is a Serving? -  Serving is an amount of food that is enough for one person. To eat the right serving sizes from each food group will help people to live a healthy life and enjoy eating with the food served.     Amounts based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet. Daily Servings: Grains             ...
Your Transaction Wetland and the Endangered Species - When helping a buyer for vacant land beware of the wetland and the endangered species of animals and plants living on it.   Wetland- under federal jurisdiction ( US Army Corps of Engineers)under 404 of the Clean Water Act 33 U.S.C.SS1344  Wetl...
Water Saving Tips -  Without water life on earth would be impossible, let us work together and conserve water.     1. Take shorter showers - take showers rather than baths. 2. Collect the cold water that comes out of the faucet, tap or shower while waiting for the hot water, use it to water plant...
Sea Turtles Protection Guidelines - The guidelines is help to protect Sea Turtles an endangered specie. The nesting  and hatchlings season is from May through October. The beaches of Sarasota County are used as nesting sites  for  the sea turtles like loggerhead, green and leatherback.   We share...
Underwater Archaeological Site in Sarasota County FL The Warm Minerals Springs is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as one o the most important underwater archaeological sites in America. The ledges beneath the springs are the focus of many underwater archaeological investigatio...
The Results of Suncoast BBQ Competition Venice FL There were 48 teams participating in the competition. The event attracted between 8,000 - 10,000 visitors from the local area as well as from out of states.  Read more Grand champion winner was - Whiskey Bent BBQ    Reserve winner was - Jack's Ol...
Sarasota FL Real Estate Market Report - March 2011 According to the report evident of 16.5% increased in sales compare to February 2011, the inventory level of homes have dropped to the lowest in 6 years. I hope the trend will continues into the summer months and when buyers begin to compete for...
Venice & Englewood FL Real Estate Market Report -  March 2011 Good news! According to the Monthly Sales Trend Indicator, the sales increased by 33.5% in Venice and 37% in Englewood, compared to the month of February 2011. When buyers begin to compete for available properties and drive up prices....

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