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Ashburn Short Sales: A Good Example Of Lender Incompetence On Short Sales Ashburn VA - We received the following e-mail a little while ago from another agent that does short sales. It illustrates how the current short sale guidelines hurt the housing market and homeowners short selling their hous...
Ashburn Short Sales: How Do I Get A Loan Mod On An FHA Loan? Ashburn VA - The Stop Foreclosure recently received a question from Grant. Here was his question. "I have an FHA loan and want to get a loan modification. My bank is playing hardball and won't modify the loan at all. My friend got a loa...
Ashburn Short Sales: What Does I Mean When The Bank Says File Is Going To Investor Soon?   Ashburn VA - The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Georgia E. Here was her question. " When the bank says the file should be going to an investor soon what does that mean?" Georgi...
Ashburn Short Sales: How will a Ashburn Short Sale or loan modification affect my credit score? Ashburn VA - How do foreclosures, loan modifications or short sales affect a credit score? Your credit score will be affected by late mortgage payments and a short sale. However, there are 2 things th...
Ashburn Short Sales: How To Preserve Your Credit During a Ashburn Short Sale Ashburn VA - If the right decision for you and your family is to sell the house as a short sale, then the sale will have an immediate effect on your credit score. Discov...
Below are some stories from other people who have used Stop Foreclosure Institute Members to short sale their house.   Richard Groom We built a house ourselves and got into a situation with a sub-prime mortgage. We were being foreclosed on. I received an advertisement in the mail. When you go thr...
Ashburn Short Sales: Why Do Some People Worship Perfect Credit? Ashburn VA - It always amazes me how some people will do anything to have perfect credit. They would rather go hungry than risk harming their prefect credit rating. A good example is a guy I will call Seth. Seth has perfect credit. H...
Ashburn Short Sales: Should I Continue Paying My Credit Cards During a Ashburn Short Sale? Ashburn VA - The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from Paul. Here is Paul's Question. "I am selling my house as a short sale. I am behind on the mortgage payments. Do you think I shou...
Ashburn Short Sales: Why Lenders Back Off When Threatened With Bankruptcy Ashburn VA - Bankruptcy is one of the scariest words a lender can hear. A bankruptcy filing can stall their ability to foreclose by 6 months, and sometimes as long as a year.
Ashburn Short Sales: How To Get Your Loan Mod Approved When Negotiating With A Local, Ashburn Lender Ashburn VA - In my opinion, loan mods are very tough to negotiate with large lenders like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, or SunTrust. The reason is because you are treated like a ...


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