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When selling or purchasing a new home, many people do not think ahead to get a pest inspection!  It rarely comes up until there is a huge ugly problem staring us in the face.  If you are preparing to sell, below are some great tips for preventing household pests, pest infestations and the potenti...
I was  reading the newspaper from home this morning (UK) and on the bottom of page 15 was a little tiny article about what UK home buyers dont like to see when hunting for the perfect property.   Here is the list: Scruffy houses next door Smell of dogs Dirty Bathrooms Weird Odours Net Curtains So...
Run for the Cure is taking place October 2, 2011 at City Park in Kelowna.  Prep This House is a proud supporter of Breast Cancer awareness!  My mum is currently fighting her lengthy battle with breast cancer, and Barb , the co -owner of Prep This House has lost an aunt to this dreadful disease. O...
There are a number of reasons that get an individual looking for their first home or upgrade to a larger one.  Since time is a precious thing for everyone these days, and we don’t want to waste that valuable commodity looking at properties that are not contenders. We all start off with a list of ...
Thanks Gary for the info!  Your right homeowners today want move in ready homes, not something they immediately have to get down to brass tacks to spruce up.  Here in the Okanagan Valley, where wine orchards and sandy beaches are prevelant, selling the lifestyle is important...Buyers Don’t Want t...
Thanks Kahy for the post.  These are important questions that Home Sellers MUST ask themselves especially when there is a large number of properties on the market.  The Top 4 Questions Every Seller Needs to Answer Let's get straight to the questions:                                               ...
This is a really great reminder... People when going through a home will open drawers and closets... so we need to be very aware of what is in them..I've never taken a staging class. I know little about staging and think it best left to the stagers by and large. But there are a few basics that it...
Thanks Sharon for sharing this.  It is true preparing a home is an important step in helping homeowners achieve the best possible price in todays market in the shortest amount of time... Are You Listing Your House To Sell or to Sit? If you are in the process of preparing your house for sale,  it'...
Prep this House is very pleased to announce that we have become the Official Home Stagers for Remax Kelowna.  We are so excited  to be partnered with an amazing group of agents who are as passionate about selling homes as we are about Staging them! Many thanks to Cliff Shillington and Deborah Moo...
Over and over again I hear my clients tell me, "I would never have thought of moving the furniture around that way"  Proper furniture placement and balance may at first glance seem a complicated task, but all it really takes is some common sense and learning to look at your room in a new way.    ...

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