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Great post David,  spaces are so much better when you have a starting point to go on.  I know many years ago when I purchased my first home, I purchased almost exact replicas of what I saw in the show home for a trouble spot because it seemed to work so well.. Thanks again for sharing!When our Po...
I use Picnik all the time.  I love the ease and functionality of the online program.  Great for those who want to spend a little time sprucing up their portfolio...  Thanks Kathy for sharing!The following provides a step-by-step process of creating a collage using Picnik. Step 1 - go to Picnik St...
Most of us, thanks to advertising of all kinds, from   adverts at 10.00 pm at night for that juicy burger to the " you deserve it" hair colour campaigns, have learned to want every conceivable material object! There are probably a ton of things in your home and your life that you either don't us...
Here is the opportunity to play a wonderful game and get to know a little more about some of us here on Active Rain... this week it is my turn in the barrel... So anyone want to try a  win some points by guessing the correct answer to the trivia below??Welcome to Ralph's Weekly Feature: Two Truth...
I just came back from the RESA conference in Las Vegas!!  All I can say is WOW.. once again!  It was so great to touch base with people I met at last years conference and meet a ton of new people.  Did I get around to see every one I wanted to.. unfortunately not, but I know they were there!  Whe...
  I was doing a search on blog topics because I was stuck on what to write today.. I found this article which mentioned a topic: My Passion vs My Day Job.” So I decided that this is what I would blog about. To my dismay not all of my jobs have been related to my passion up until 5 years ago that ...
     Look up the people who will be presenting at the conference. They are influencers in the Home Staging or business industry who can help you get better networked. Take the time to visit these presenters websites, learn more about them, their passions, their style etc      Tell these Presenter...
No budget is no excuse for presenting an ill prepared product. Show the buyers that even within your tight budget you maintained and cared for your home.  Thanks Janice for putting it all in perspective for us!In these tougher financial times, I hear that there is no budget for Staging. The Selle...
Wow!  Anytime your getting tips from a TV personality, we always seem to sit up and pay attention.  Thanks for sharing Vern's insight with us Christopher & Stephanie!Vern Yip. His parents see him as the son that never became a Doctor but did a quantum leap from pre-med student to Design Extraordi...
My grandkids are constantly leaving marks on tabletops, even after I say make sure your glass is on a placemat... now there are some soloutions that I am going to try.. see if I cannot repair my damaged kitchen table. Stop worrying over water rings -- these fixes will make your tables look terrif...

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