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Thank you Valerie for reminding us that selling a home is no longer about us.. the home seller... it has to be all about the Buyer and what they will like. What is good taste when preparing your home for showing?  Many sellers have an attitude of  " My house, my taste".  When it comes to selling,...
Thanks to Valerie Zinger for reminding us of the importance of fireplace/wood burning stove.  All too often these are overlooked by the sellers as a detail that needs to be included when preparing your home for sale! Fireplaces and wood stoves are certainly selling features.  Prove to Buyers that...
Which Room are You?  Do you have a favorite room in your house?  What that choice reveals about your personality!    LIVING ROOM:  You're are a sociable person who likes to entertain: you take pride in your family and yourself.  Your active in clubs and organizations when you have a chance DINING...
This is a great idea.. I plan on checking this software outl, as nine times out of ten I forget a password or dont have my little black book with me! Thanks Mike for the tip!I have talked to many people who don't even keep a password book, to store the hundreds of different passwords they have.  ...
Okay, the other day staging took a whole new meaning for me!  I was asked by one of my local Realtors to help an elderly gentlemen whose wife recently was admitted to a nursing home, prepare his home for sale.   Now over the years I have seen alot of properties in a variety of different state of ...
Some time ago  my girlfriend moved into a new place, in an effort to help redesign her space i decided that I would bring her some inventory that I was no longer using. She needed a kitchen table and chairs and artwork.  What I brought her was an old antique set that had sat in my inventory for y...
Found this great new tool that allows you to create professional Facebook pages .  Try it... it is easy to use and the pages look great!  You get to create one page for FREE, the other features you have to pay for, but if you are only looking for a welcome tab or something to get you started for ...
I am so on board with Gary's observations!  Home owners have invested alot in their property... and to them it is special.  However Home Stagers can make that home stand out from the others on the street... Giving you an advantage over your neighbors!  That in turn will put more money in your jea...
< This informations comes from  Fabienne Fredickson "The Client Attraction Coach"!  I personally think she is brilliant and has found a way to increase the client base for a small business following simple consistent steps.  I highly recommend her and her message. Recently, we've been talking abo...
We too provide our clients with a home staging consultation where they can implement the recommended changes themselves.  All of our clients that have taken our recommendations and followed them have sold their property quickly, one in just over a week after staging was complete. The client was s...

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