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Thanks Lori for this wonderful post.  Staging Consults in todays market are an easy and relatively inexpensive to EVERY home sale ready!   It seems as though Staging Consultations are coming back into focus. This is my 6th year of staging and I can truly say that staging consultations for occupie...
          We did a Staging Consultation on an occupied home the beginning of   March.  The homeowners who listed their home last year, (it was on the market for approx 8 months had 16 showings and NO offers) were now inspired to do what ever they could to sell as they already had a new home picke...
Did you catch Gary Keller, author of “Shift: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times” and Chairman of Keller Williams Realty on ABC’s Good Morning America last week discussing how to sell a home in a buyer’s market? His most publicized quote from this interview (which has set Stager Blogs a...
The consumer's guide to real estate staging is a free publication from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) on the benefits of home staging. To download - please click on the following link:  Home Staging Consumer Guide The guide includes: Definition of Home Staging Benefits of Home Stagin...
  I really truly dislike adhesive sales stickers and tags on the items that I buy for staging, it really tries my patience when your in a rush to complete a room and the last sticker on a piece of artwork wont come off!  It takes forever it seems to remove them, even with GOO GONE or hot water.  ...
Thanks to Ginger for this wonderful idea.  I was just at my warehouse today wondering what to do with all the slightly damaged or miscoloured candles.  I was going to throw them out.  Now I can save myself money and recycle them!  LOVE THIS IDEA!Recycling candles If you are like me you have a lot...
Yes!  It can be a very expensive mistake for a home seller not to have their property staged!  With 80% of home buyers surfing the internet and pre screening homes, ask yourself does your  property stand out  when compared to others in your area and in the same price range?  If it doesn't, why d...
Could not have said this any better..Everyone LOVES referrals right?                                       Wouldn't it be swell if they just fell from the sky?? Wishful thinking I know, but while they may not come that freely, we certainly love when they do...makes our jobs a whole lot easier!! T...
I recently loaned some of my artwork to a friend who is selling her home and needed to fill some bare walls. (Sacrificing our own home accessories and art is common among us home stagers.)  I should have known that I wouldn't be able to stand having a bare wall in my own home for long. Before I k...
  After reading the following post by Dana Smithers, I just had to share with you the story about my vision board and why you should be careful what you place on it, AS YOU MAY JUST GET WHAT YOU...

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