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When I decided to move inventory into centralized larger warehouse, I had nightmares for two days thinking about the task that lay ahead of me!  During those wee hours of sleep depravation  I also got the brain storm, that this was an ideal time to itemize everything and get a better handle on wh...
Any tool that can make our jobs easier is fantastic.  This tool sounds great.  I am still trying to locate it in an actual retail store here in Kelowna... but if all else fails I will order it online!  WE LOVE OUR TOOLS!    Ever been frustrated when trying to hang art that has two keyholes on the...
Ryan tells is like it is!  Staging does work and it DOES sell Homes! Home Staging is the very best proven way to get top dollar for your home as you prepare it for sale. Having your home staged by a Professional Home Stager will aid in selling it faster and for more money! Staging sets the scene ...
Ok, I just read a comment by Matthew Finlason on creating your own artwork by changing subject matter to black and white.  A light bulb moment really - Thank you!  I took a bunch of photos of the lake we like to vacation at.  The summer was very warm & dry and the lake had really receded.  With M...
Our local networking group of stagers will be creating our Vision Boards for 2009 tomorrow.  It wiil be interesting to see what evolves and how we attract into our lives what we will have createdDo You Have Your 2009 Vision Board Updated and Ready To Go? Vision boards are a huge help in getting y...
  Get rid of the dirt on the outside of the house.  Hose down the house, remove cobwebs and anything else that might be lurking under the eaves. It is amazing how much street grime builds up on your exterior walls   Make the entrance to your home inviting.  Surround it with good looking well care...
ShoeString Home Staging Real Estate marketing has a new weapon it its arsenal! It is called Home Staging. The old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression is especially true when it comes to real estate. In today’s competitive market, many homeowners are wondering what they ...
  I recently came across a company with a service that impressed me. This service is very beneficial for people like us with our hectic lives. The company is called Send Out Cards and has already made my life noticeably easier. People receive very few real notes or cards in the mail anymore. Emai...

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