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An Accredited Staging Professional providing Staging services, Home Readiness services, ReDesign and eStaging Consultations in Palm Beach County, FL.
11 Easy Steps for a Spa-fabulous Guest Bedroom We have houseguests set to roll in next month and more down the road. And since we’ve recently moved, we have yet to test our guest bedroom to make sure that it will be comfortable and that it has everything they’ll need.  Traveling is hard enough an...
Wordless Wednesday...Imagination When we’re out on our morning walks, Larry and I like to chat and observe nature. We also are busy keeping our eyes open for any snakes that may cross our path.  For months, I’ve passed by this old tree stump and my imagination kept getting carried away.  What do ...
Pick Up a Rod & Reel...It’s Go Fishing Day...No, I haven’t gone totally daffy (yet.)  Larry and I have been talking about children and how buried their heads are in their devices. And the discussion turned to fishing and how we wish more children had the opportunity to learn to fish.  I love to f...
Motivational Monday… “Leave Your Ego at the Door."The Planet Fitness we belonged to had a big sign that said: “Leave your ego at the door.” I’m not sure what they meant but I always took it to mean that we were all there with a similar goal. No one needed to be impressed or meant to feel any less...
What I Learned This Week at ActiveRain-June 9 to June 15, 2019 I learn something new every day at ActiveRain! With this series, I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that lightbulb moment. It could be something techie, something about Real Estate or the other professions that I never k...
We have already had several drownings in my area and that is too many!  Please read this and never take your eyes off of children when they are in or around the pool.  We hear the sad stories all the time...toddler drowns in pool. Don't think it can't happen to you because it happens to people yo...
This Week...Fathers To all of the fathers, step-fathers, and father-influencers, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.   This is the price you pay for having a great father. You get the wonder, the joy, the tender moments - and you get the tears at the end, too. Harlan Coben     It always seems to me ...
National Flip Flop Day is June 14...Celebrate for a Good Cause You don’t have to be a lover of flip flops (as I am) to participate in celebrating this day! Tropical Smoothie Cafe is offering a 16oz Sunshine SmoothieⓇ when you come in between 2PM-7 PM wearing your flip flops on June 14 to help cel...
Focus on the Message  Yes, this is another one of those Social Media etiquette posts. Well, it’s not so much about that because the book is still being written about that.  Every morning, part of my routine is to spend a few minutes on my Nextdoor app.  Being new to the area I have found it very ...
...More Babies! Returning to Houston meant leaving our peacocks back in Florida. Since that time, Larry and I have enjoyed adding feeders, etc to our back yard for the birds and squirrels.  Well, almost a year to the day I’m writing again about more babies!!!!  Larry researched and found a box he...

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Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224
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