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Montgomery Texas is a quaint and lovely square with Antique Shops, Dress Shops, Furniture and Resale shops that are inviting and fun. Montgomery Texas Trade Days occurs the first Saturday of each month rain or shine!   You will find many unique items including Hand Made quilts, clothes and nick n...
Let me preface this question with my belief system. I believe that we create our own realities to a certain degree. If we carry a "whoa is me" attitude what are we going to gain? We may, if lucky, gain a bit of sympathy or empathy. Is that what you want? Do you really want a person to feel sorry ...
Montgomery Texas began as a small Trading Post in 1826 and is known as one of the oldest towns in Texas. Once the town was chartered in 1837 we became the County Seat of Montgomery County. We are located off Texas 105 and 149. We border the Texas National Forest and the Piney Woods. Charles Belli...
Due to the winds blowing through a dry and  drought laden Texas Area, State Agencies are preparing an alert for our area. With the drought leaving behind dry grass, dead trees and dry water holes the potential of Wild Fires is skyrocketing.   Winds are kicking up to the 60 mile an hour range whic...
ActiveRain, I want to thank you for that. I received a comment from a post I did back in 2008 that was found and reviewed today. I saved a worms life. I helped to save a life today! Okay, a moth. I saved a life and I am tickled about it! I have to tell you this story!I wrote an ActiveRain post ba...
Well, no it's not but it does have a lot to do with getting you into a door. They say you have to open the door of opportunity if opportunity knocks. Do you hear it knocking? If you do and you have not yet perfected your presentation in Real Estate, maybe now is the time to do it. How are you pre...
Shirley You Jest! Okay, so I opened my AR page today and I had a contact through ActiveRain from Shirley Knoblett Abraham, my long lost cousin. Shirley wasn't really lost but we lost touch with each other about, well 40 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Shirley had gone to our Knoblett Tree on Goo...
Just as Gayle Rich-Boxman tells us here, these are things we can do! We are the Boomers and We Rule! It is our world and it's time to realize that we are IMPORTANT!  We have lived and can teach, we have lived and can do, we have lived and have much more living to do! Listen and learn from Gayle. ...
I stood with my arms extended and head laid back. His breath was cool to the touch yet he was coming with such anger. The boom of his voice and the darkness that set in was proof that he was on his way. He was on his way to revisit me. It has been a long time coming. I asked him to come each and ...
It only takes one sale to make us feel fulfilled...maybe each week or month or whenever we are blessed with it... It only takes one friend to acknowledge that you are appreciated each day to know why you are here... It only takes one "thank you" to know you have been noticed... It only takes one ...

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