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Read this today at Debe in Charlottes site and thought I would reblog it and share it with everyone. Good News for Housing Market Being cautiously optimistic has become the 'trend' for those of us remaining in this turbulent market.  Sometimes the news is so negative that we have to go a bit over...
  Good News - Last month consumer prices fell by the largest amount on record, going back 61 years. (Airline prices fell by 4 percent!) The overall slide in prices reflects the big drop in energy costs in recent months. After hitting a record at $147 per barrel in mid-July, crude oil has fallen b...
  Moving can be a stressful time, add a few kids into the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. It’s generally easier with younger children since you don’t have the school change to deal with.  With young kids you can make the whole thing into an exciting adventure, which is what we did when we relo...
Copper and other Metal thefts from homes have gone up significantly over the past year.  With copper prices around 3-4 dollars a pound, thieves are stealing all kinds of crazy things from houses from plumbing to outside air conditioner units.  They then take them to a scrap yard and get paid cash...
Home staging is an important part of today’s real estate market.  Gone are the days of putting any old house on the MLS and receiving an offer or two with little effort.  Home staging is one way to give your home an edge over the competition.  When potential buyers view your home you want them to...
Here is what happened last week in Lancaster Township PA real estate according to the MLS for the week ending 12/6: Sold - 1 house sold last week for an average price of $137,500 with an average time on the market of 27 days. Pending - 3 houses went under agreement Expired and Extended - 2 listi...
  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the biggest group among home buyers is married couples who account for 61 % of all home purchases made. A growing trend in the recent years is the increase in the percentage of homes bought by single women. As of 2007, single women accoun...
  The East Side neighborhood of Lancaster City, PA is bounded to the west by North Plum Street, to the north generally by New Holland Avenue, to the east by the city line and to the south by King Street. This is an area generally contains a large number of late-nineteenth to early twentieth centu...
In 2007 Holiday Retail Sales in the US totalled 474.5 Billion dollars! It will be interesting to see if that number is scaled back this year. Want to see where people spent some of that money?$9.3 billion in jewelry store sales $5.8 billion in stores on hobbies, toys, and games$19.8 billion in co...
This is the third part of First Time Homebuyers.  See part one here and part two here.   Choosing the location of your new home is the most important part of buying your first home.  You can change many things about a home, with a contractors help, but the location is permanent.   Things to consi...

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