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I wanted to pass this on to you. It's a clause that I am having my agents put in all of their listing contracts during this market cycle. Maybe forever. I have found that when doing a listing with a Seller, they are more likely to help keep their end of the bargain if they have something vested t...
What better place to ask my fellow Brokers for advice than "in the Rain"? My aging parents are looking for a retirement destination and my husband and I are saving toward that iminent goal...(after all, the last 40something years just FLEW by, so the next several will. Every time I turn around, i...
Today there was an article on the front page of our local Newspaper entitled, "Three Real Estate Firms Subpoenaed in Kickback Probe". I chose not to cut and post the link to the article because I happen to know that at least one of the brokers named seems to be a man of integrity and I don't want...
 "INSERT EQUITY HERE!"We all know there has been some terrific controversy concerning some of the less reputable appraisers that inflated values during the recent market in order to obtain value that just wasn't there.There are some appraisers that are still riding that last wave until someone st...
Ok, so sick of all of the doom and gloom about the market and how things are soooooo terrible. I'm trying to encourage some of the newbies and some of the oldbies, too. So, many times I ask the question..."do you see any homes in your neighborhood priced at what they were in the 1970's?" It made ...
  I'm fed up with substandard consumer products!This is just a fun blog, so if you're looking for a serious debate, you'll have to move along. I was just thinking about stuff that I don't mind buying generic and stuff that I need my name brand of and I was also thinking about how I share that inf...
 Hi There!K...we are always hearing about KW, REMAX, EXIT, blah, blah, blah! Now, I have lots of friends who are "franchised at the hip", but we don't hear enough about the importance of Independent Brokerages here in the Rain. Here's Matt's blog:
  I AM HERE!OK...sometimes people on the rain write stuff just to get people's panties in a bunch. I came across one such post the other day and I have to admit...I do kind of have a wedgie right now! Here's the's short so you can check it out:
They've all done it! Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Laura Ashley...and now, LANIA DEMERS presents:The Ghetto Fabulous Line, (exclusively available through my Colorado Springs Office)! That's right, the old Aspen White and Lyndhurst Castle classic colors aren't selling homes like they used to, so I...
Hi Rainers! The New Year is always such a busy time. All of the Holiday parties and obligations are fulfilled and things are going full swing toward organization for the New Year. Tax stuff needs to be done and it'a a great time for reflection of what we did, what we are doing and what we SHOULD ...

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