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Recently, in all of my interviewing efforts, I have found that the process of split negotiation has changed a lot from the time I graduated real estate school. I found a place that I wanted to work, asked how much they would give seemed fair, so I signed on.I stayed there until I was conf...
One of the things we strive  to do in our small Colorado Springs brokerage is to provide excellent service and maintain life long relationships with our clients. My mother, (who is one of the wisest women I have had the privilege to know), made an observation years ago. I didn't really take it se...
  Today I had a short chat with one of my Jr. Agents. He's a great guy with a bright future ahead of him and a real talent for obtaining listings. That's how I see him anyway.How he sees himself, however, is rather like the fictional stuffed donkey from Winnie The Pooh, "Eeyore". Eeyore never see...
Every year,( a couple of months before my birthday), I seem to reflect on my life and think of how far we've come in such a short time...When I was a kid, (not so long ago), there was no remote for the t.v., (well there was, but I WAS IT).There was no cable, no video games, no pay-per-view and th...
I just wanted to say thanks, Activerain! I got a great contact that I sold a property to yesterday. He saw my post and sent me and em. Next day we were looking at properties and yesterday we wrote one.The other one happened last month. My husband is into this high tech marketing, (I guess I am no...
I'm kind of new to AR and I love it! I find it funny to see that there's no seeming rhyme or reason to the subject that could take on a life of it's own. I'd like to know what your favorite or most memorable post has been and why it "stuck with you!"
Many of the people I work with are looking for great investment properties. The have heard of fixing and flipping and think, after watching a half hour show where a crew of no charge workers fix up an entire house for less than 2,000.00), that I should be able to find them a STEAL of a deal. You ...
All right. Buckle your seat belts! With the  arguably litigious society in which we live,  I'm sure this will be a post for you to keep and perhaps share with your fellow professionals. I, for one, will never forget the lesson I learned today. Today's home inspection will forever change the way I...
I think my last post about Home Inspection started a war on our site, (three members of a particular association deleted their entries), some people sent me private em's telling me they were about to be expelled from their affiliated associations. So I decided it would be a great subject to start...
OK...I was just thinking of the unlimited opportunity we have each day make contacts through phone, e-mail, and personal touches. How many do we take advantage of?Tomorrow: Let's try to make at least 20 contacts that we wouldn't normally make. E-mail someone you haven't in a long time and let the...

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