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Hello Again!Here's a great subject and I'd LOVE some feedback on this from BOTH sides of the fence. Transaction Coordinators, (as I understand their role), are hired by real estate professionals to organize active transaction files, expedite paperwork, keep dates on target, track down signatures,...
If your real estate brokerage sponsors a race car or two!!!Hello race fans...this is a photo of the Fierce-sum number 05, (Grand Modified),  which can be seen racing at I25 Speedway between Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO on some warm summer nights this season. We also sponsor another car, but he...
Hi Everyone!Well, my "Buyer's Remorse" blog was kind of popular, so I decided to pass this pointer along as well. If you read my blog abut Buyer's Remorse, you know  that I enjoy educating my Buyers, (in advance), about some of the situations and emotions they will encounter during their home buy...
I have read some interesting posts on the subject of Buyer's Remorse and this is how I deal with the issue:I come right out and tell all of my Buyers...usually when we are broaching the subject of writing an offer...that there is something they should know. There is a term called "Buyer's Remorse...
I've been reading this book because I've heard so much positive feedback about it and I'm half way through. Even the author says it's an undying debate as to weather your home is an asset or a liability. He sites the fact that in 1997, he knew some friends who were upside-down in their homes and ...
Here are some of the ads I've come up with that make the phones ring! I think buyers have a sense of humor and I usually run these type ads in the local American Classifieds, (formerly Thrifty Nickel). The cheap house ad is retired by me now, but one of my agents has had two or three sales off of...
Check with your brokers and local state law first!!!This is a clause I developed and have all of my agents put into their listing contracts. I just responded to a dear woman who was cheated by a dishonest seller who wanted out of her listing for a "better deal". Remember, a contract is an agreeme...
One thing I notice as I embark on my exciting first year as a Broker/Owner is that many agents, even seasoned agents, have not taken to the practice of keeping up on financing options for their buyers. Early on, I found that if I kept abreast of all the available bond programs, first time buyer i...
I truly enjoy the "neighborhood" here on active rain. However, as I read the blogs, I can't help but notice that when it comes down to the very basics of what we are all required, (by Federal Law), to recognize and abide by...the Federal Fair Housing Guidelines/Laws.People are insensitive many ti...
One more before bed...What was your most creatively financed deal? I have a great one, but I want to be polite and allow others to share first.Talk Soon....Lania

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