Even savvy homeowners sometimes need help putting their home's best face forward.  I visited the lovely home of a young professional couple recently.  Their home was full of interesting and beautiful pieces collected from their travels all over the world.  Although most of the spaces were really ...
We all know that staging helps to sell homes.  De-cluttering, artfully re-arranging, and de-personalizing the interior of a home can go a long way towards making the house more appealing to a wide range of buyers.  This past weekend I was reminded of what a big difference that staging makes not o...
I'm fairly new to Active Rain and have really enjoyed and benefited from the many informative, insightful and often humorous blogs of others.  The site has been quite an eye-opener too.  I did not realize that there was quite so much contentiousness within the staging community about the certific...
Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland is an exciting place nowadays!  Over the past three years there has been a welcomed and amazing re-birth of the historic downtown area.  The revitalization effort was kicked off with the opening of the Discovery Channel's headquarters.  Other wonderful additions h...
Just think about this. . . . When the average person is ready to sell his or her car, they prepare it for sale.  The car is washed (perhaps even detailed), new floor mats are put in, the car is given a tune-up and anything obviously broken is fixed.  All this is done in the hopes of getting top d...
Do any stagers out there have any little tricks for adding to the curb appeal of properties located on busy streets?  I know that charming fences or shrubbery can work well.  Does anyone have any ideas about quicker and easier fixes?  Would you recommend staging the inside of the home to target y...

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