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What would you do today, if you knew you could not fail? What actions would you take, what would you share and how would you treat the people around you. Storyteller Marketing in Real Estate by Larry Lawfer will explore the real estate industry through the eyes of the community and it's people and stories.
Your Million Dollar Year Day 44 Learning to Fail is also learning to succeed. It is true successful people fail more than unsuccessful people. What successful people know is that failure is where you learn to succeed, by falling down and getting back up again you can be more steady on your profe...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 43 No Scripts Allowed. All sales people are trained with scripts. You are told that if you say this, your prospect will fall at your feet and want to work with you. I exaggerate, but the script driven coaches couldn't be more wrong.  NO ONE wants to be sold these days...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 42 Circle the Wagons. When meeting with clients do you let them know of the pitfalls that can and usually do happen with each transaction?  Do you give your clients a sense of what will come before it gets there? I explain it this way, "Along the way to closing this t...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 41 Redfin changes things in industry.The days of the Agent having all the answers has changed. While they still do and will always have deeper understanding and experience because they do it every day, they no longer are the only ones with the information. Information...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 40 Do the Math for the last 39 days I have been sharing ideas, thoughts, moments and daily activity of an agent. Some is about me, some is about things that have happened to others around me. When I finally woke up and realized the franchised brands I had worked with ...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 39 are we there yet? Successful professionals are not children. They can deal with disappointment, disruption and distraction without loosing track of what is important. This counting of days through the first 90 makes me feel childish. We are not there yet and we nee...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 38 Fake it to Make it BS or Not? What do you think when someone tells you to fake it to make it? Do you think you fake being rich, powerful, in charge and having all you want? Do you think it is about convincing people who don't know you that you have more, are more? ...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 37 Coaches good and bad. We all know how easy it is to see what other people are doing wrong, it is so hard to turn that eye on yourself with any clarity. A good coach has a system they follow that they have taken many a professional through with some degree of succes...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 36 Baby Steps is what gets you the big leaps. Most agents get bogged down trying to control their whole days when controlling the next 5 seconds is really the key. For instance those 5 seconds right before you should be making your prospecting calls. What is going th...
Your Million Dollar Year Day 35 what counts in real estate? Closings, of course, that is the way you make a living is closing deals as a Buyer or a Seller's agent. What else? Listings in your pipeline count because they are next month's closings and they are important.  For Buyer's agents, signed...

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