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When you boil down what most people are looking for when it comes to choosing their Costa Mesa agent, it’s usually an outcome that can be summed up by a simple 4-word phrase, “best price, least hassle.” It’s no different whether you’re buying or selling.For Costa Mesa home sellers, the best price...
        If Costa Mesa homeowners search the web for anything like “surprising things that decrease your home’s value,” they will be answered with literally millions of links. Some of the “surprises” are anything but. "An Outdated Bathroom,” for instance, is hardly surprising. Likewise, “Brightly-...
          This spring’s Costa Mesa homes for sale will, as always, highlight the special features that make them stand out. Just which features those are for today’s buyers is what calls “the billion-dollar real estate question.” Zeroing in on them is the goal of a number of “must-hav...
      Some new electronic gadgets have been gaining steam—some of which might be of interest to Costa Mesa homeowners who find the strain of maintaining constant vigilance over all areas of the property can take a toll.     For any homeowner who has ever dealt with an all-but-unnoticed plumbing d...
It could hardly be a greater occasion—the move into a new Costa Mesa house! Marking the moment in some unique way must be some sort of universal compulsion. It certainly stretches far beyond our shores (and back in time thousands of years). Some Costa Mesa new house owners mark the occasion by th...
 Although the typical adult spends at least a fourth of his or her income on Costa Mesa real estate-related matters, many basic real estate terms—even basic ones—aren’t widely understood. We probably accept that fact because that is just the way it’s always been—but it really is astonishing that ...
           It might be the ultimate real estate daydream: finding a choice parcel of Costa Mesa land for sale, figuring out the best way your house should be cited upon it—and ultimately building your own home on it. Whether it’s constructed to your own custom-specified floor plan or using a more...
      If you’re pretty sure you will be in the hunt for a new Costa Mesa house sooner or later—but have the luxury of being able to wait until you come up with THE perfect one—it’s all too easy to put off doing anything about it until some event or other forces the issue. Experience teaches that ...
  When you decide to sell your home for the maximum return, it’s important that you recognize all of its selling points: both the positive and negative. I can help with that, but as a starting point, if your Costa Mesa house is a bit on the smallish side, you probably already know it. There is a ...
There is one persuasive reason why Costa Mesa homeowners (and prospective homeowners) don’t hear much about the likelihood that a new “housing bubble” could be in the making. For any Costa Mesa homeowner who’s had the comfort of watching their property’s value grow steadily for years, a mere ment...

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