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As promised, this is the final installment on my series about understanding web traffic. In my first post about understanding web traffic last August, I started off with the basics and discussed the differences between a hit and a session. In part two, I delved into referring urls and keyword ana...
I had put up a post, Just for laughs, with a link to the Weird Al video for the song "White and Nerdy".  If you haven't seen it by now, you're probably one of the 10 people on the planet that hasn't.  I was reading Jim Boykin's blog and stumbled across this post Linking Dirty - Blackhat and Dirty...
Construction on Trump Tower is well underway. The outside gold glass has been installed on several floors and the tower should be topped off by the end of the year if construction keeps going the way that it has. The project is located just off of the Las Vegas strip, behind the Fashion Show Mall...
Streamline Tower construction is moving right along. The tower construction is roughly half way done.  The project is located downtown, in the "entertainment" district. Streamline Tower will eventually rise 21 stories and have 275 residences. Residents will be within walking distance of 11 movie ...
Quite a few of the projects announced in 2004 and 2005 are rapidly finishing up construction. Newport lofts are located in downtown Las Vegas and are being developed by the Cherry group.  They were the same developer for the Soho lofts (structure to the left of Newport). Construction for that pro...
If you aren't familiar with Panorama Towers, its probably still one of the hottest projects in Las Vegas. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Pamela Anderson and Janelle Pratt own units at Panorama. Construction on Tower Two is continuing with tower one being wrapped up. Residents are already sta...
I'm sure that everyone here has known someone or has a family member that has changed after they came into a great deal of money or attention. Sometimes that can cause a rift in a friendship or strain family relations. Ask anyone who has won the lottery. Or has had the media focus on their life. ...
Parkline lofts is a low-rise loft community located on Basic Road and Pacific Avenue in downtown Henderson. The community feature single story flats and two story loft homes and is the first loft project in Henderson to have WIFI hot spots in the complex. Loft sizes range from 755 square feet up ...
MyBlogLog has some pretty big buzz going for it. The popularity of the site has skyrocketed (sound familiar?) lately.  I had put up a post about mybloglog the day after Christmas. Since then, my friends, contact, family and fans have grown to over 50.  Since the page rank update from google, all ...
Social networking is here to stay. It seems every other day I stumble on yet another site is involved in social networking. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Today's world is about speed and getting what  you want. Its everywhere in our culture. Back in the 70's McDonalds did a stud...

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