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The Austin Bantam Society is having its 40th annual trophy meet October 8th through the 11th in beautiful Boulder City, Nevada. These little cars were America's first economy car. The company also invented the Jeep. There will be a car show at Wilbur Square this Saturday, October 11th (My father ...
There has been a lot of things going on in Las Vegas lately. If you haven't been watching CNN, the OJ Simpson trial has come to a close. One thing is for sure, some people will be happy and others won't. Here is the verdict.  Another interesting thing happened, the media actually reported some go...
Okay, well not exactly Middle Earth. Following the huge success of trilogy films, Engle homes announced one of their communities in Mountain's Edge would be named Rivendell, after the home of the elves. The street names are all taken from Tolkien's books as well. The gated community features thre...
By now, most of us are pretty savvy when it comes to spoofed emails or virus generated email. There is a nasty new email going around that contains the worse virus created thus far according to CNN and Microsoft. I got an email from a friend about it. The virus comes in an attachment called 'POST...
I was surfing the 'net today looking for a nice mortgage calculator for my blog. A quick search turned up a lot of results. Most of the sites offered a free calculator, although there were also several that had a paid version with a few more features and without a link back to the site. I came ac...
It seems auctions are the new 'thing' for trying to sell foreclosed properties. Property auctions are nothing new, they've been around for a long time. The last large auction I attended were auctioning off Valencia condos, a small condo conversion community located just off Maryland Parkway, abou...
The master planned community of Summerlin is known for its great parks, golf courses and beautiful neighborohoods. In keeping with the grand vision of the community, The Ridges offers several custom home neighborhoods limited only by your imagination. There are two communities still offering lots...
Most people when shopping for a home relating to a sport it inevitably ends up being golf. Not that I have anything against the sport, other than I can't hit a golf ball to save my life. So it's no surprise that there are a lot of choices when it comes to golf course real estate. That's why the A...
When it comes to condominium living, Las Vegas offers a bewildering array of choices. From entry level communities like Rancho Lake to ultra hip condos at X-it, condo hunters have a lot of communities to choose from. Why choose a condominium over a traditional home? Condominium living offers a le...
With so many real estate agents jumping on the blog bandwagon, the number of platforms to pick from keeps growing. But which platform is right for you? Really most of them come down to personal preference and your own level of technical knowledge. Let's take a look at some of the more popular con...

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