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The Nevada legislature has finally decided to become concerned about the rising rate of foreclosures. Its not surprising that State republicans are against doing anything. State Senator Warren Hardy, (R) Las Vegas, said, "What obligation does the legislature have to step in and protect them? It's...
The 7th annual Lose A Pound With Your Hound will be held October 21st at the Bunker Family park. Registration starts at 9 am and the walk starts at 10. All proceeds will benefit Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary. In addition to the usual after walk music, games and contests, there will be a remberance wa...
In today's market, not all news is bad news. Right now is a great time to buy a home. Interest rates are still low (and were just dropped) and there are lots of homes to choose from. Many home builders are offering great unprecedented incentives on new homes as well as free upgrades. Pulte, the b...
Thought I would put up another cancellation notice. This year there has been a few more casualties among Las Vegas lofts and condos. Although that didn't stop other developers from announcing new projects. The biggie was the cancellation of the Sandhurst. It was announced years ago, and last year...
I was sad to learn that Mandy Patinkin was leaving one of my favorite shows, Criminal Minds. However, he is merely showing his integrity for what he feels is right.  I do like shows about profiling and such, most of the books I read are in the same vein, although I do read quite a bit in other ge...
With the prices of homes still out of reach for some seniors, there is a great alternative to buying a condominium or renting, River Mountain Mobile Estates. This small, well maintained community of manufactured homes is located in the city of Henderson in the southeast.While the community does n...
It seems that Karma has caught up to Mr. Simpson. I was watching the Emmys show tonight and during a set of commercials there was a brief news blurb. OJ was arrested for the alleged robbery of a sports memorabilia agent this past Thursday at the Station Hotel and Casino.Perhaps the families may r...
Did anyone hear about this? This past Thursday, a local sports memorabilia dealer stated that he was robbed by OJ at gunpoint at the Palace Stations Hotel and Casino.  Coincidentally, his book came out the same day. The memorabilia dealer has also spoken to the attorney that represented the Goldm...
Today driving around Las Vegas, I was moved by the patriotism that was shown by some of the communities I drove by. One neighborhood had dozens and dozens of flags lining the street on both sides. Another had a huge banner that stated "never forget". Another also had flags present. I'm sure they'...
The big rush to Vista that Microsoft was hoping for never materialized and with some good reasons. If you buy a new PC, you're going to be stuck with Vista whether you like it or not. Part of the abysmal response to Vista was due to (in part) pc manufacturors building pcs with inadequate hardware...

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