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Well, here they are. Sadly, I didn't receive as many submissions as last time around. I've mixed up the posts quite a bit, some were picked because of their subject matter (and will hopefully spark some debate) others because of just how well written they were.
As promised, I'll be putting up another list of some of the best posts never read. If you have some posts that you put a lot of time and effort into that were just overlooked here on AR, please send me the url of the post. I'll be picking out my favorites and putting them in a post. Hopefully, th...
Over the last week we have been bombarded by emails featuring attachments in a zip file. So have a few of our friends as well. Usually the title of the email sounds official enough, like invoice, past due, etc....  the emails of course were nothing more than a virus.  Sometimes your anti-virus so...
One of the advantages of living in Las Vegas is that quite a few people all over the US, Canada and the rest of the world want to visit here. Vegas truly is the entertainment capital of the world and the figures released shows that entertainment has surpassed gaming for high revenue generators fo...
We received an email from our favorite charity, Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary.  The Dog Whisper show is having a poll on which Dog Whisper episode is the best.  Our Pups on Parole is one that was chosen. Please go to the web site and vote for the Pups on Parole episode.  Here is the link:  http://cha...
Construction at Mountain's Edge is in full swing. Last month was the grand opening of the crown jewel of the park system in Mountain's Edge, Exploration Park. Summer Trail is located in the south end of Mountain's Edge, just off of Buffalo. Construction at the community is underway and residents ...
It seems these things come in cycles. You open your email up and watch as all of your contacts for today start appearing. Ho, what's this?  Contacts from AR. Potential clients? Investors wanting to spend millions in your market?  Confused, scared home buyers needing expert guidance and assistance...
As with any large (and sometimes small) city, "taggers" spray paint images and words on neighborhood walls, businesses and basically everything in between, sometimes hitting the same area multiple times. Mayor Oscar Goodman has been very vocal about tagging in the past, vowing to implement strict...
I'm always looking for places to promote my site and blog. I came across one that I hadn't heard of before, Its run by a non-profit organization, which in itself makes it unique. It looks like its brand new, without a lot of users (yet). You have to have an openid account to sign up. So...
Foreclosure effects a lot more than just the home owner.  Last week we received a call from a luxury home builder in Las Vegas. Apparently, one of the homes in the subdivision that he built went into foreclosure. The resident that had lived there had six dogs originally. When she moved out (after...

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