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Yes, the ghosts in the south are afraid of water!  We here in the south love our large, inviting front porches complete with rocking chairs and a large glasses of lemonade on the table next to it.  It's what every Southern Belle aspires to have at the front of their homes.     If you notice one t...
Does this home have a Secret Room? I had a buyer interested in a home in the Woodstock area.  After the buyer looked at the home a second time, he felt that there was an area of the home on the main level next to the Master bedroom that he was missing in the showing of the home.   It felt a littl...
2013 Gallup Poll is already outdated When I am doing a Listing Presentation for a Seller, I use the most accurate information for a seller to make an informed decision.  The most recent data shows that the economy is slowly turning around and is reflected in the increase of our home values.   Acc...
Homes for Sale in Cherokee County, GA  When a buyer purchases a home, it normally doesn't include the appliances.  In most cases, the buyer wants new appliances for their new home.  From January 1, 2014 to November 30, 2014, Georgia Power is giving rebates on certain home appliances.  There are s...
Be Proactive with your Home Maintenance! Unfortunately, many sellers wait until they put their homes on the market to take a serious look at the outside condition of their home.  I guess it's the "out of sight, out of mind" mindset.   As part of your inside Spring cleaning routine, do your own DI...
Homes in Cherokee County You may recognize the photo to the right as the same photo in my signature below.  I get a lot of nice compliments on what a nice Kitchen this is.  The secret to the Kitchen cabinets is that they are PAINTED!  The vast majority of homes built in this area were constructed...
Legal Consideration The legal definition of Consideration is something of value given by both parties to a contract that induces them into an agreement to exchange mutual performances.  Sometimes agents, buyers & sellers don't realize the full value of this consideration.  When a buyer puts down ...
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map  I had a friend here in Atlanta decide to take advantage of a beautiful, sunny day we were lucky to have in February.  She decided to go ahead and enjoy the great weather by planting some flowers.  No!  It's not safe to go outside to plant yet.  Mother Nature has a w...
One name represents my 1st real estate transaction; the former President, Jimmy Carter. For anyone that purchased a home in the time when Jimmy Carter was President, you know just hearing the name what it represented to you as a home buyer; through the proverbial roof high interest rates! 18% APR...
A well known Atlanta Icon - Bobby Jones In honor of the Masters Tournament presently being play in Augusta, Georgia, I thought I would do a feature blog on one of the most celebrated amateur golfers that has ever lived; Bobby Jones.  Bobby Jones was one of the founders and helped design the Augus...

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