Home stagers know that 63% of buyers will pay more for a home that is ready to move into at closing, and they advise their clients accordingly. If it’s that important to considerably more than half of the people looking for a home, sellers need to know what it means to make their homes “move-...
    Real estate professionals know that it is not a good thing to have a vacant home on the market. The vast majority of buyers will choose a furnished home over an empty one, and one study found that 64% of expired listings are vacant. Home sellers’ finances can be severely stressed by the cost ...
Are you a frugal home seller, wondering whether home staging a good investment? We know a couple that thinks it is! They invested less than 1/2% of their home’s listing price to have Gloria Home Staging prepare their home for sale, and 8 days later, they had an offer. An investment is defined as ...
On the weekend of January 15-17, Gloria Home Staging had the opportunity to stage the Monty Anderson Construction Group's display home at the Orlando Spring Home & Garden Show. They began building the home right there in the Orange County Convention Center on Wednesday morning. By the time we arr...
That’s right! Gloria Home Staging has been asked by the Monty Anderson Construction Group to stage their display home for the Orlando Spring Home & Garden Show. They will be building a small home right there in the Orange County Convention Center, and we will be dressing it up! The Orlando Spring...
One of the very most important reasons to stage a home is to create a good first impression. Buyers will have an immediate reaction to any home -- well within the first 60 seconds, they will have formed either a positive or negative opinion of the home. They will spend the rest of their time in t...
If only the home seller had had a home stager in for a consultation... This morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, host Steve Inskeep told of a Realtor and buyer in Louisiana that discovered a pile of human bones in the basement of a home they were looking at. Apparently, the bones may have come from ...
Picture an occupied home -- comfortably furnished, nicely decorated. How would having it staged help it sell? Is it worth the expense? Here are five reasons for sellers of occupied homes to consider a professional home staging consultation: #1 –Getting a home ready to sell can be overwhelming to ...
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Copyright 2009 Laurie Bates Calhoun

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