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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
Folks, I'm not alone in my opinion about Pitney Bowes.  In case you missed it, I think  Pitney Bowes Sucks! You can read what some of their former empoyees are saying here. I stopped my service months ago and sent back my machine.  They have sending me an invoice that shows I have a credit. In or...
Fresno Police recently arrested former Realtor© Sam Haley for allegedly renting out homes he didnt own.  You can read the full story here. What stuck with me from the story is that the guy was telling the renters that the homes were in foreclosure and that they might have to move quickly when the...
After reading Rich Jacobson's blog about the "false fronts" that some Realtors© put forward I decided to post a picture taken of me taken the other day down by the San Joaquin River.  We had relatives here for thanksgiving and we decided to take the kids down to the river to skip rocks and get so...
THIS IS A MUST READ ARTICLE describing how the Daily News stole the Empire State Building in 90 minutes using forged documents.  It highlights the huge potential for thieves to take advantage of a system that does no verification of information.  I believe that in the not too distant future we wi...
After five consecutive days of gains and weekend that saw consumers pulling the doors off their hinges to spend... we have today: the market TANKS GIVING back most of its gains. AND YOU THOUGHT THE GREAT DEPRESSION OF THE 21ST CENTURY WAS OVER! Not so fast cowboys and girls... ... its not looking...
Finally they see the light! Accordingto this Reuters News Article the recession begain in December of 2007. This would make my declaration of the Official Beginning of the Recession about a month off.  Why rely on these numbers crunchers to inform you a year after the fact?     Lazarus - Real Es...
Can somebody please help me understand what's going on?  I am experiencing sever cognitive dissonance.People getting trampled to death in shopping malls and retail reports indicating sales are UP this year, while hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes and the financial markets are...
My youngest grandson (we have 4 so far with only 2 of our six children married) was watching Finding Nemo on thanksgiving day and I caught this image of him.  I know Im partial cuz its my grandson and MY picture, but I think its hillarious.
Fresno summers can get blistering hot; you get used to 100+ degree weather.  Winters can be brutal when the fog rolls in.  But spring and fall are fabulous.  Today when I drove by Woodward Park I pulled in to catch a shot of the trees with autumn leaves.   as beautiful as the colors are, my favor...

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