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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
Direct: Fax: 559.301.1647 559.438.7475 Website Visit My Blog email 1319 W Bullard #4 -- Fresno CA -- 93711 _______________________________________________ Median Home Price for California Homes as of AUG 8: $350,140 Highest priced homes were in Santa Barbara @  $930,000 Lowest priced homes were ...
I went up to Huntington Lake over the weekend and passed through the foothill town of Auberry where I got these pics.   Personally, I'm at ONE with the Hillbillies. I have a daughter and son-in-law who live in Prather (next door to Auberry). If you are interested in buying property in the Fresno ...
Here are the 24 hour market stats for the Fresno California Real Estate Market: Its fairly a apparent from the stats (as in Price Reductions) that prices continue to decline but you have to understand that many of the listings with price reductions were WAY over priced to begin with and either th...
  A good friend of mine just purchased a cabin in Huntington Lake (photo left). NO, I did not participate in the transaction; he bought the property for-sale-by-owner directily from the owner. From what I know of the transaction though, it appears he got a screaming good deal. This weekend a grou...
The Royal Bank of Scotland This Irishman just became a shareholder.  I think the stock is going to either go up or down from here.  I'm betting UP.  Wish me luck. update:10/09/2008: Thanks to an upgrade by S & P I sold at market open for 20% gain. I will consider buying back in when the stock ret...
I think this might help folks to understand the current financial crisis.  I realize its only pointing fingers at the Democrats.  So in the interest of being a "fair and balanced" Ponkeyderm I think its fair to say that I wouldnt put too much trust the elephants to guard the peanuts.
So, I booted up today as usual and prepared myself to make some trades but the red on my screen wouldnt stop and the overall economic picture is so obscure that when the market was down around 800 points and I shoulda been been scooping up some shares my butt puckered up so tight ---  --- I found...
I let my son Joshua use my D200 and bingo ... in no time he's capturing images BETTER THAN ME.  Here's one he took at the Fresno Autorama earlier this year. Credit for composition goes to my son Joshua.  I did the post-processing work (Photoshop) All images © Randy "Lazarus" McAtee and may not be...
I'm writing this blog in response to Adam's question in his blog "What do I do?" Even though he ends it with a Ha,ha... I suspect it truly IS weighing on his mind, and the minds of MANY others.  In fact, I KNOW it is.  How do I know?  People ask me.  Just yesterday I had a professional ask me es...
Here is a simple tutorial in layman's (or longshorman's) language that explains how we got into the Subprime mess. The Subprime Primer

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