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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
This is down along the San Joaquin River.  I think this is a "community chair".  The chair was sitting right where you see it the other day and it really was an idylic scene.   WANT TO BUY A HOUSE OVERLOOKING THE SAN JOAQUIN RIVER? CALL ME: 559-301-1647   © Randy "Lazarus" McAtee
My granddaughter: Lilly    © R. "Lazarus" McAtee            
I watched it drop under $86 and now its around $89.00 and climbing back. Looks like they're going to take this down too.  Damn.  I've been a investor/trader on the long side but I see now how folks make SERIOUS money on the short side. MAybe one day I will go to the dark side.
Here's an eye opener for you folks.  Watch this video.   Hiighlights Fannie Mae is determined to tearing down the barriers to deliver on the American Dream. What does this mean.  How have you torn down barriers?  By lending money to those with poor -- or bad credit?  By extending loans to people ...
  Direct: Fax: 559.301.1647 559.438.7475 Website Visit My Blog email 1319 W Bullard #4 -- Fresno CA -- 93711    I just read an article in today's Fresno Bee title "Real Estate Loses Luster" that in April of 2005 at around the peak of the market there were 19,795 people who took the california rea...
If you have been reluctant to move to Fresno because you wouldn't be able to get a Medicinal Marijuana card - start packing because the Fresno County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 yesterday to approve the issuance of the cards(as the majority of California Counties have already done) Read the St...
Dear _____ "We are writing to inform you that we recently became aware that a Countrywide employee (now former) may have sold unauthorized personal information about you to a third party.  Based upon a joint investigation conducted by Countrywide and law enforcement this authorities, it was deter...
I went to a friend's birthday party yesterday and they hired a belly dancer to perform.  She was great! now i'm  wondering if I should put Belly Dancer in the tag line?   after I posted this I saw the re-blog button.  This is not a post for reblog and the image may not be used without express wri...
(pics inside) Last weekend I went camping at Huntington Lake.... ...with two of my sons ( I have 5 sons and 1 daughter) I took my teardrop trailer (the boys slept in a tent) In the morning I found an unexpected guest in my sleeping bag        
  Direct: Fax: 559.301.1647 559.438.7475 Website Visit My Blog email 1319 W Bullard #4 -- Fresno CA -- 93711     I lament being in an industry where agents find themselves so desperate they prostitute themselves before asset managers and others for NEXT TO NOTHING for the their services.  I used ...

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