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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
Folks wishing to make a visit to Fresno California should be able to enjoy a bed bug free stay.  According to the Bed Bug Registry there are no reported incidents of outbreak: If you would like to buy a home while you're here, feel free to give me a call: Lazarus @ 559:...
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The revelations just keep getting worse. 'Foreclosure Mill' Employees Got Gifts For Altering Documents, Witness Says. SNIP: At a large Florida "foreclosure mill," a manager signed up to 1,000 documents a day without reading them and employees were given gifts to speed up foreclosure paperwork, ac...
The reason I am wondering is I happen to be looking at a listing for a home: MLS#358901 The home is located at 3423 E Illinois Ave, Fresno, CA 93702. This is a small 2 bedroom 1 bath home with 808 sq. ft. According to the listing information given this home "was totally redone by Housing Authori...
Ok, I know I have been absent from the blog scene but I just read an agent's comment on an MLS listed home that compelled me to hit the keyboards. The comment: "VERY cooperative and creative seller" My questions to the agent would be, if the seller is so cooperative how come the home has been on ...
Ax May Fall on Tax Break For Mortgages SNIP: "The popular tax break for mortgage interest, once considered untouchable, is falling under the scrutiny of policymakers and economic experts seeking ways to close huge deficits." _________   Should homeowners and investors lose the tax deduction they ...
The housing market in Fresno is still fraught with foreclosures, posting the nation’s 15th-highest rate in the third quarter, according to That means the market there is saturated with available homes, right? Not quite. read the entire article here

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