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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
From Mortgage Business to Pole Dancer....another very depressing video on the housing bust. CLICK HERE TO VIEW
In Feb Bloomberg reported -- A record 19 million U.S. homes stood empty at the end of 2008 and homeownership fell to an eight-year low as banks seized homes faster than they could sell them.  They also said: the report counted 4.1 million vacant homes for rent and 4.8 million seasonal properties....
  Not long ago I blogged about the ducks that took up residence in our pool.  Shortly thereafter my wife found an egg at the bottom of the pool.  Apparently their nest was not far from the pool (probably hidden in the bushes) because this morning I went out and saw mamma duck with her ducklings....
Here's the latest on the California Housing Crunch.  Bankrupt builders are leaving their creditors with nearly finished homes.  The banks, already upside down in the deals no they can never recoup their losses so the demolish the homes as you see in this video below.     Unfortunately the demolit...
Saturday at Sunnyside High School.  The event was sponsored by the Central California Cultural Society of India.   I was under the weather all last week with a cold or allergies and on Saturday I finally felt well enough to get out and do something so I browsed the Fresno Bee online and found the...
... and you thought this was just a podunk hick-town full of raisin farmers.   NOT! According to the latest statistics released yesterday by the Department of Finance Fresno's population grew by 10,578 people in 2008.  That was enough to bump the city up over Long Beach and make it the fifth larg...
How cool would it be to be going about you day and find yourself a spectator of a brilliant performance like this.  This is the kind of act that makes us say "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL"! Sound of Music Train Station @ Yahoo! Video Direct: Fax: 559.301.1647 559.438.7475 Website Visit My Blog email 1319 W ...
Stats show home sales picking up.  In the last 24 hours we have 56 New Listings and 19 Back on the Market. Thats 75 properties on the SELL SIDE During that same 24 hour period we are showing 24 Contingents and 71 Pendings. Thats 95 properties on the BUY SIDE. That's a great balance of inventory b...
Fresno California When your purchasing a home there is a good chance that either your agent or the agent may hire a contractor to do work on the home prior to closing.   Contractors in California (and probably most other states) don't need to be well capitalized  in order to start up a business t...
Was busy doing showings this afternoon in an area where sales have been brisk.  The volume of REOs in this particular neighborhood has been so high that I noticed prices drop 10% in a matter of about 2 or 3 months.  I noticed a lot of homes with non-mls lock boxes --- meaning that the homes are b...

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