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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
RECENT BLOG POSTS the Great Depression of the 21st Century Begins... ...Stock is now trading at $9.15 after dipping under $9.00.  Thus Wells Fargo joins GE as a penny stock. I might add that I used to bank with Wells Fargo but when I tried to get a loan for a used car ( a piddly $4000.00) they turned me down...
...TODAY. As of the time of this post GE has dropped into single digits and is trading at $9.37  and remains in a solid DOWNTREND Say goodbye to the AMERICA you once knew.   or better yet --- CONVINCE ME THAT I'M WRONG!  
...Pretty much sums up the real estate game for the majority of those I know in this industry.  Sure, there are some that are not sitting in the "shadow of death" --- like those handling REOs on the listing side, to whom the banks have given dozens, or in some cases HUNDREDS of listings. We had o...
...all I know is....     ©Randy "Lazarus" McAtee
Recession Forces Fresno REAL ESTATE Broker to Shop For Oil Change Normally I would just drop off my vehicle at Michael Toyota and being a “preferred customer” they would change my oil for $29.95 plus tax ( — every oil change is quoted PLUS TAX).  But when I called Michael Toyota I found out that ...
I just read this article: Freddie Mac to rent foreclosed properties AMAZING!  It's totally understandable that they would take this route.  I showed a house on Tuesday that was only a couple of years old and theives had taken the stove and hood, oven and microwave, dishwasher and cabinets.  It's ...
...While the taxpayers are forking over billions to bolster to their balance sheet.  I know that there are some  of you who think this is absolutely atrocious. JUST PLANE DESPICABLE if you give an executive a  GOLDEN PARACHUTE … ….he will need a nice new corparate jet to bail out of.     Direct: ...
Who doesnt?  "They're givin' money away for free.... Save a little bit for me...I WANT SOME TARP..." I saw this video this morning and it brightened up my day.  Hopefully -- it'll do the same for you :)   Buying or Selling in Fresno CA? Contact Lazarus @ 559-301-1647
THEOPHANY? At least for Old Calender Orthodox Christians, such as myself.  Old Calendar Christians use the Julian Calendar while Western Christians (and most of the rest of the world) use the Gregorian Calendar.  For Western Christians Theophany was January 6th. For those of you who don't know wh...
Do you have what it takes to save our country from the current economic crisis? Under my oversight of TARP funds the nation is well on its way to recovery (I achieved a repectablly high score).  If you lack economic acumen you can just "ask Greenspan."  See how well you can do. CLICK HERE TO PLAY...

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