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We have a First Time Buyer Program that is one loan - 100% Financing. There is no minimum buyer contribution and the seller can pay up to 3% of the sales price for the buyers closing costs. The loan can be combined with teh AZ Bond Program with a 30 year fixed rate of 6.125%. This program has ver...
FHA is going to expand the number of mortgages they will make to help out homebuyers. The Senate is likely to pass a bill that would raise the FHA limit to $417,000 and lower the down payment to about 1.5% from 3%. The House also has a bill which would raise the FHA limit to $730,00 and lower the...
There's never a particularly bad market in Real Estate.  What is required to invest in Real Estate is doing one's homework.  Finding good values in Real Estate is all about finding the right place at the right time.  What has dropped in some areas is market expectations more than market values.  ...
We have a new program available called Rapid Re-score. I just had a client who raised their FICO Score from 599 to 704 by doing the Rapid Re-score. It allowed them to purchase the home they wanted with a fantastic interest rate and very little down. If you have a low FICO Score we may be able to ...
With the kids back in school and things getting back to normal now is the time to look at your finances and see if a refinance or home equity loan may be right for you. The credit cards may have your family vacation on them, or back to school items or even last Christmas purchases. The 30 year fi...
Seventy percent of the Alt A and Subprime Mortgage Lenders have shut down. Here at Lenders Direct Mortgage we are always looking for new programs to help our clients purchase homes. We have a GREAT new product. It is a Stated Income Loan that will go up to 95% loan to value with as low as a 660 F...
The Mortgage Market is in a state of flux with Lenders going out of business every day. It is important for a consumer to make sure that they choose a stable lender who will be around to close their loan. Lenders Direct has been in business for over 35 years and we are owned by Gateway Bank. We a...
100% Financing is disappearing with all the changes in the industry.  An alternative loan is FHA. You can get in with 3% down plus closing costs. The 3% down can be a gift so you can get in without any money of your own if the seller agrees to pay closing costs. The FHA loan limit for Coconino Co...
With interest rates heading up the 10 Year Interest Only loan may help you get into your dream home with affordable payments.  The interest rate is fixed for 10 years and the payments are caculated on the outstanding balance.  The payment is lower on an interest only loan than it is on a 30 year ...
Many potential home buyers are not sure if they should wait to purchase a home or buy now.  Home prices are softening but they are expected to start going up in 2008. Interest rates are expected to increase. For each .50 point that the rate goes the home buyer loses about $25,000 of purchasing po...

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