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Real estate news and information for home buyers and sellers in Alexandria, Virginia and surrounding areas. Find information on the home buying and selling process, MLS listings, first-time home buyer options, market statistics, area schools, relocation assistance, and more.
I Am Too Embarrassed To Do A Short Sale   These words were spoken to me by a prospective client a few days ago.  As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) and one who is highly experienced in representing home buyers and sellers in the short sale process, I wanted to address the negative p...
How to Reduce the Cost of Your Daily Work Commute   Are you looking for ways to reduce the cost of your daily commute in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC?  If you are interested in a cheaper ride to work, then check out Ridematching and Ridesharing with Commuter Connections.  Throug...
Garden Style Condos in Alexandria VA -  Alexandria Condos For Sale   Are you interested in purchasing a garden style condo in Alexandria VA?  Garden style condos range from 1 - 4 floors and are very popular among prospective home buyers.  Although Alexandria also offers a wide selection of mid-ri...
Top 5 Things To Do Before Previewing Homes For Sale   Prospective home buyers are usually eager to begin previewing homes for sale.  After months of searching online for the perfect home, many are anxious to begin their house hunting adventures.  To make the most of your house hunting endeavors, ...
Kingstowne Condos For Sale - Kingstowne Condo Listings   Over the past several years, we have witnessed the extreme rise and fall of housing prices throughout the metro area.  We have seen interest rates suspended at record lows and an inventory of houses plentiful enough to please the area's mos...
Thinking of Selling Your Eton Square Condo in 2012?   Are you thinking of selling your Eton Square Condo in 2012?  If you are considering placing your condo on the market for sale, it is important to have the latest home sale statistics at your fingertips.  So let's take a look at Eton Square con...
Would You Have Made it to Heaven in 2011?   No one wants to talk about death!  I must admit, it is not my favorite topic either.  But I woke up this morning with a single question in mind, would you have made it to heaven in 2011?    Let us look at this from a business perspective.  Take a moment...
Alexandria VA Condos, Townhouses and SFHs Under $300,000   Looking for an affordable place to call home this holiday season?  If you are looking for the perfect home at an affordable price, check out my latest list of condos, townhouses and single family homes currently available in Alexandria VA...
High-Rise Condos in Alexandria VA - Browse Alexandria High-Rises Now!   Looking for a high-rise condo in Alexandria VA? Although Alexandria offers a wide selection of garden style condos, mid-rises and high-rise condos, if your preference is high-rises then you will be pleased with the latest sel...
Alexandria VA Short Sales Market Update - Browse Alexandria Short Sale Listings   With less than a week to go in Year 2011, let's take a final look at the Alexandria VA short sales market.  Currently, there are 79 active short sale listings in Alexandria. This list includes 33 single family homes...

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