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Lead Jive offers cheap and effective marketing for companies looking for loan mod leads. Reach hundreds of thousands of people via TV marketing and get your phones ringing.Save your staff the hardship of outbound dialing and have live transfers directly to your office via national media advertisi...
In our new world, with this day & age, there are so many gadgets you and electrictronic devices you deal with, so many switches we flip, and buttons we push. One DEEPLY overlooked button that most of us probably push every day, while half conscious, is costing us TONS of money!  (I'm not talking ...
  If you continue to expand your knowledge every day, you will bring yourself much success. Never stop learning, never stop asking questions, never stop reading, and never settle by thinking you can't learn anything more.   “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a ...
My insight: In todays world, you must know where you're going. You must have a plan. You must work to be successful, but you first have to know what your goals are before you work hard. Nobody ever hits the bulleye by just pulling the trigger. Without aim, your hard work is a stray bullet.   The ...
We cannot control life's difficult moments but we can choose to make life less difficult. We cannot control the negative atmosphere of the world, but we can control the atmosphere of our minds. Too often we try to choose and control things we cannot. Rarely do we choose to control what we can 10...
    I talked to a potential client yesterday and they asked me "Why are you doing loan modification leads? They are only going to last a couple of years just like everything else." This intrigued me a lot for a few reasons... Namely because it shows the mentality of most people; they live things ...
  No better way to start the season than playing your biggest rival and playing on the biggest regular season football stage... Monday Night Football, opening game! Time to put the work on the side... or at least limit it to the Blackberry, grab a pizza and a cold drink and watch the game! Who's...
We are at full force at now providing the BEST loan modifcation leads out there. We recently got our site up and have opened up to the public. Previously I was scouting all of my business on BrokerOutpost but I am happy to say I am generating enough leads to open business up to c...

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