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MY BUYERS JUST CLOSED ON THEIR NEW HOME IN THE CAPE CORAL FL YACHT CLUB AREA - THE HISTORY OF THE HOME WAS A BONUS - A few months ago buyers contacted me wanting to puchase a home in THE CAPE CORAL FL YACHT CLUB AREA.  They finally found a home they knew would be perfect for them - it was built b...
I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST FEATURED POST! I guess I really sparked a conversation yesterday about Facebook and boy am I glad I did.  Not only did I learn a great deal from the comments that were posted, I also had the good fortune of getting my VERY FIRST FEATURED POST! When my husband came home he c...
STOP PROMOTING YOURSELF ON MY FACEBOOK WALL!  Come on people (those of you that are guilty of what I am posting will recognize yourself) let's be professionals and treat others as we want to be treated. I have mainly used Facebook as a way to stay in touch with family and friends but have been ge...
I recently blogged about a short sale I have listed where we had a very strong offer and the bank told me "OUR BANK POLICY IS TO NOT ACCEPT SHORT SALES". UPDATE:  The bank was Tier One - I was told last week they have been shut down by the government - anything anyone knows on this would be great...
Now is the time to buy in Lee County Florida - This is your chance to purchase a newer 3/2/2 with a pool for under 100k in Lehigh Acres.  Feel free to contact me for all the specifics about the home - it's a beauty and won't last long! Asking price is 90k...schedule your private showing today bef...
DO YOU SUFFER FROM PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA?  I found an article today and found it very interesting - it states that if you suffer from PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA, today - Friday the 13th - is the worst day of your life each time it rolls around!  What does it mean?  It means you are afflicted with ...
New Homebuyer Tax Starts September 2010 - This was sent to me in an email and I believe it is worth passing on.  Sounds to me like this is just going to create more problems with the housing market than we alread have. See the video and post your thoughts on this. http://www.thinkbigworksmall.com...
MY BUYER (EX-BUYER) IS FURIOUS AT ME - DID I TOTALLY SCREW UP OR DID HE?  I received an email the other night from a "buyer" I worked with a couple of years ago.  When I previously worked with him, I had him pre-qualified with letter in hand and viewed numerous homes until he found the one he wan...
LEE COUNTY SCHOOLS START 08/23/10 - Summer flew by us and now it's almost time for school to start here in Lee County.  Anyone new to the area should check out the school boards web-site which will anwer most questions you may have.  Just visit www.leeschools.net If you are new to Lee County we e...

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