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IF THE ECONOMY HAS PUT YOU IN FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY AND YOUR NEST EGG IS GONE YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A SHORT SALE!  Thousands of people have lost their jobs and gone thru their life savings trying to keep their home and now don't know where to turn.  Some people are embarrassed and/or afraid to ask q...
FOR A SHORT SALE TO CLOSE BOTH KNOWLEDGE AND COMMUNICATION ARE CRITICAL!  Regardless of which side of a short sale transaction you are working on both real estate agents need working knowledge of the short sale process and communication is critical.  How often do you see a short sale listing come...
WOULD YOU OMIT INFORMATION SUCH AS CHINESE DRYWALL TO GET A BUYER TO CALL YOU?  Late last night while on another real estate social networking site I ran across a question from an out of area buyer.  I literally about fell out of my chair when I saw the answer one of the real estate agents gave a...
SO MR/MS REALTOR® IF THIS IS SUCH A GREAT TIME TO BUY A HOME, WHY ARE YOU RENTING?  I know as a Realtor® in the Cape Coral, FL market, Realtors® are telling our buyers IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY.  It occured to me this morning that alot of fellow Realtors® are renting right now and I started thinki...
I ADMIT IT - I'M FACEBOOK CHALLENGED - CAN YOU GET RID OF MY FARM?  I started playing farmville a few months ago for the entertainment of a friend of mine.  I HATE IT!  I have tried to figure out a way to get rid of my little farm in farmville on Facebook and can't figure out how to do it. I rece...
MR BUYER - PLEASE STOP TRYING TO BREAK MY PIGGY BANK - RESPECT MY TIME!  We have all encountered difficult clients somewhere along the way in the real estate business but sometimes a client is just so difficult it is not worth the effort of working for them. I worked with a buyer that placed an o...
CAPE CORAL, FL  SHORT SALES ARE IN MY OPINION GOING MUCH SMOOTHER THAN IN THE PAST.  I have been handling short sales since 2007 and I DO NOT FEAR THEM - I EMBRACE THEM.  For all that they do require a great deal of work, I feel very satisfied when the transaction closes and all parties involved ...

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