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The past month leaves me with little to report in the Pagosa market. Overall sales numbers have increased over the last month. This is largely due to activity in the residential sector, so we are beginning to see some "green shoots" in the market. For the buyers, great deals abound. The Colorado ...
I feel a little "greener" mentally than I did a month ago. This is in part because I can see my grass for a change and a few flowers poking their heads out. The financial markets are also showing a little more green, as the stock market has rebounded about 20% in the past few weeks.  I am refinan...
If you have already received this newsletter by mail, I apologize.  However, this e-mailed edition contains updated stats for March, which you may be interested in. As the snow begins to melt in Pagosa, I contemplate the uncertain future. Just like most Americans, I worry about the economy. Most ...
This newsletter will be short and sweet.  To get right to the point, not much has changed in the Pagosa market over the last month.  Winter is typically our slow season, and this winter is a particularly slow one.  It seems to me that most of what is selling are repos and screaming deals.  Out of...
  As I write this letter, I am looking out the window and it is snowing hard. Supposedly, we will get 1 to 3 inches. I think the weatherman has lied again. So far, this winter is reminiscent of last year, the toughest winter in 25 years, only this one has gotten a big head start. If you are in th...
PAGOSA SPRINGS REAL ESTATE STATISTICS ►Now Includes Stats from 2005!◄ Jan - Dec of 2005, 2006, and 2007 **Note: These numbers may not be exact.** "% Difference" indicates change from 2006 to 2007                     Properties Sold Inventory Available Homes 2005 2006 2007 % Difference 2005 2006 ...
Better late than never, right?  Here is my newsletter for January 2008:Happy New Year!I've been trying to guess what this New Year will bring.  On the one hand, I hear all of the negative news around me.  But on the other hand, I am generally an upbeat person.  I like to listen to motivational ta...
Well, we finally got snow on the mountain.  Last weekend’s storm brought in about four feet, which was much more than anywhere else in the state.  We got a second dumping over the past several days, which brought an additional 5 feet.  It is odd to say, but getting too much snow can be bad for Pa...
There’s a neat event coming up in Pagosa Springs that I thought I’d let everyone know about.  This Friday and Saturday (Nov. 30th and Dec 1st) the Pagosa Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a “Parade of Stores,” with dozens of local merchants participating. At participating stores, shoppers will pa...
This is a time of adjustment in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The real estate market continues to be soft, and from all indications, I do not expect it to change in the near future.  I constantly monitor market statistics, and this is typically the time of the year when there is a reduction in avail...

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